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Colin Cowherd Warns of a Potential Aaron Rodgers to Pittsburgh Trade

Colin Cowherd: “If you look at their schedule, the Steelers are on the precipice of going off a cliff. It’s not going to be pretty and there is no succession plan. They could literally lose all of their games, it’s getting a little tense there. Steelers fans, put your seatbelts on… There is a best-case scenario for the Steelers and it’s not the Draft. Here is something to think about and I do NOT think this is a reach – the best thing for the Steelers is to go get Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers. Let’s just talk Aaron because the flirting between Tomlin and Aaron was substantial. I don’t think Green Bay should let him go but what I’m about to say is fair – Aaron can be incredibly moody and a little prickly. What if Aaron loses in the playoffs, never shakes ‘COVID toe’, starts getting ‘HE CAN’T BEAT BRADY!’, ‘TIRED OF YOUR NONSENSE’, and ‘OVERRATED!’ talk, and Aaron doesn’t take too kindly to it and decides ‘I’M OUT’? Pittsburgh is obviously a great landing spot. They do great defenses and wide receivers as well as anybody, they’ve rebuilt their offensive line, and they have a star running back. This felt like something yesterday [reading news headline] – ‘Aaron Rodgers Suggests the Packers Coaches Are Blabbing About His Broken Toe.’ He’s kind of throwing the coach under the bus. Don’t kid yourself, Aaron is prickly, temperamental, and is prone to getting sensitive. If that toe doesn’t heal properly, playoff loss, starts getting heat for it, Packers coaches are out there throwing stuff out… Aaron and the Steelers, just keep your eye on it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes an Aaron Rodgers trade to the Steelers after this season is a very real possibility.

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