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Rob Parker Rips 'Stat PadFord' Matthew Stafford Amid Rams Losing Streak

Listen to Rob Parker rip ‘Stat Padford’ Matthew Stafford, amid a three-game losing streak by the Los Angeles Rams that has seen the Rams go from one of the heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl to the league’s biggest choker in less than a month.

The 33-year-old was a popular candidate for the league’s MVP the first eight weeks of the season until a recent slump that included five interceptions in three nationally televised games made NFL fans start to murmur Stafford’s infamous ‘Stat Padford’ moniker once again.

Stafford, of course, was the first overall pick by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft. In 12 seasons in Detroit Stafford never won a playoff game, made just one Pro Bowl, and finished with a 74-90 for the NFL’s worst franchise.

Sportswriters in Detroit began to refer to Stafford as ‘Stat Padford’ early during his tenure there because there was a wide belief that Stafford was the type of quarterback who would play poorly for three quarters when the game actually mattered, but would always manage to finish with gaudy stat lines at the end of games because he ‘padded’ his stats during extended time facing off against prevent defenses in garbage time.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why he believes the Detroit version of Stafford has reared its ugly head.

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