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Why the Packers Should Be Overwhelming Favorites to Win the Super Bowl

Colin Cowherd: “Green Bay is the best team in the NFL and I’m not sure it’s close right now. They can play fast, they can play physical, they can win shootouts, and they can win with defense. Folks, they’ve been missing five or six of their best players, and not just their ‘best players’, but Jaire Alexander might be the best corner in football, they lost a Pro Bowl level tight end and a Pro Bowl center, now they’re on a backup running back – they’re not just losing starters, they’re losing Pro Bowl guys, but it doesn’t matter. I can’t see the flaws and I can’t see the limitations. You don’t have to be great at everything but you can’t be terrible at anything, and I don’t know where their flaw is. Mason Crosby is a ‘cross your fingers’ guy in big moments, but I don’t think the games will necessarily be close. I don’t know how you attack Green Bay, this is easily Aaron Rodgers’ best team. That Super Bowl team was a six seed and they couldn’t run the football, they were 24th in rushing. This team has two legitimate big-time running backs. This team went to Arizona missing 11 starters and beat them. This team missing 5-6 top players hammered the Rams. Why would Aaron Rodgers leave?? You got the Lions, Bears, and Vikings in your division. Justin Fields is a rookie quarterback and Kirk Cousins doesn’t have any superpowers. This Packers team is LOADED, they’re good at everything. Because they’ve been beaten up for so many weeks, their backups are getting all these reps and starts, and they almost look like starters now. Now you have incredible depth. What’s this team going to look like when they get healthy?? I see a team that you can beat you in so many ways, they can play fast, can slow it down, can pound, can go into the Octagon, and be finesse. Aaron, Packers, rip up your contract, sign a new 4-5 year deal. This team should be the overwhelming Super Bowl favorite.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 8-3 Packers are the NFL’s best team coming off a week in which they thoroughly destroyed a powerful Rams team.

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