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Why the Browns Are Officially Finished With Baker Mayfield

Colin Cowherd: “Kareem Hunt’s dad went to Instagram and said ‘Baker is scared to throw the ball’. Listen, the Cleveland Browns are not going to say this publicly but they’ve made their decision on Baker Mayfield. They’re not paying him $30-$40 million, they’re just not. There’s too much turmoil, there’s too much ego, there’s too much snark, there’s too much agitation, and he’s battling with someone constantly. Tom Brady in 20 years has never had a single teammate call him out. A single dad, a single wife, a single teammate…Peyton Manning didn’t either. Baker Mayfield has had two in the last three weeks. Why? A lot of the Cleveland players just don’t respect him. You don’t have to love somebody, but if you call them out publicly you don’t respect them, and don’t care about the pushback because you know you have a lot of people that agree with you. These dads know that this is what people think in the locker room, they don’t care about the pushback. It’s always something with Baker. It’s calling out the medical staff, it’s calling out Duke Johnson, it’s calling out a teammate, it’s a player’s dad, it’s an injury, he’s on his fourth coach…I see all these Browns fanboys now blaming Kevin Stefanski. He won Coach of the Year last year! Now he’s a 'bum'?? Baker can’t get out of his own way. Being a quarterback you have to be ‘Quarterback-ial’, this is why I was never a fan of Jameis Winston or Johnny Manziel. It’s more than just being a star and doing commercials. Maturity is a HUGE component to the quarterback. It’s unfair, but you’ve got to be as mature as a 32-year-old, at 22. You got Baker running from a cop on campus, getting into fights and doing gestures on the sideline in college, no, no, no, no, he’s not talented enough to overcome all the noise you get with him. Lamar Jackson may not be everything, but he can take games over a minute after he’s awful. With Baker you get all the agitation and I get no upside. If you’re going to give me all this nonsense, then you gotta give me burst-through-the-ceiling five touchdown games. Baker is 2-13 in the final drives of the game when he can either tie it or take the lead. And this is with the best offensive line, the best running backs, Jarvis Landry, and great tight ends. What happens when they pay him big and he’s got the 16th best o-line and below-average tight ends and running backs? They’ve made their decision, they’re just not going to say it publicly.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think Baker Mayfield will be the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns once his contract runs out with the team after next season.

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