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Colin Cowherd Plays His NFL '3-Word Game' After Week 12

Watch Colin Cowherd play his weekly ‘3-Word Game’ as Colin describes every NFL Week 12 game in just three words.

Bears at Lions – “The 'NAGY-ING' QUESTION"

“Matt Nagy won and snapped a five-game losing streak. We still don't know Nagy's future. Justin Fields was beat up so Andy Dalton had an 18-play drive against the awful Lions to cap it. We will wait for word on Matt Nagy's future. That report that he was going to be gone after Thanksgiving has now been acknowledged as a false report."

Raiders at Cowboys – “CARR KEPT ROLLIN'”

“The Raiders are undefeated when Derek Carr throws for 300+ yards, they're 6-0 and he does it quite reguarly. This is a big-play offense with or without Henry Ruggs. Carr had five passes of over 30 yards against Dallas, and the knock on Carr was always that he was afraid to let it rip and plays it safe like Kirk Cousins. Not this year, Derek is letting is go downfield and he was rewarded."

Bills at Saints – “BUFFED AND STUFFED”

“Each of the 7 Bills wins this year have been by 15+ points. They're inconsistent but when they get rolling WATCH OUT."

Bucs at Colts – “FOUR FOR FOURNETTE"

“The Bucs had more rushing first downs, 13, than passing first downs, 11. It was a very physcial performance against a very physical team. It was Gronk and it was Leonard Fournette. Twenty-one points off a lot of Colts turnovers, Indy had five turnovers, so it was the best of Indianapolis and the worst of Indianapolis in big games. Tennessee twice and Tampa, they just turn the ball over too much."

For ALL the 3-word descriptions check out the full video above.

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