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Rob Parker Pushes Back on the Belief Matthew Stafford is a Hall of Famer

Rob Parker: “Everybody in LA was like ‘WE GOT OUR MESSIAH! HE’S THE MISSING PIECE! JARED GOFF WAS GARBAGE!’ I’ve watched this guy, don’t act like the Lions were never in the playoffs with him, they were 0-3 in his 12 years in Detroit. He was very pedestrian and mediocre in the playoffs, and people are starting to wise up now. People tried to act like his bad fortune wasn’t him, ‘He didn’t have a coach!’ – Jim Caldwell went to the Super Bowl. ‘HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY PLAYERS!’ – Ndamukong Suh was a pretty good player wouldn’t you say? Calvin Johnson is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. My point was always to not think he’s the messiah and so great. Peter King and other football guys were acting like he’s going to throw for 6,000 yards and he’s going to be the MVP. They started the season 7-1 and everyone was like ‘I KNEW IT! HE JUST NEEDED TO GET AWAY FROM THE LIONS!’ Yes, the Rams won the division, but Jared Goff also won a couple of divisions as well. I don’t think Stafford is that much different with this team on offense.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why the NFL media should have never jumped on the Matthew Stafford and Los Angeles Rams bandwagon back in November when the Rams were 7-1 and Stafford was looking like the front-runner for MVP.

The Rams would finish the season just 5-4 after that point and drop down to the no. 4 seed in the NFC, while Stafford would end up with the most interceptions in the league.

Check out the segment above as Parker details why the Rams are simply getting the same guy that was 0-3 in the playoffs in 12 seasons in Detroit, who is simply a ‘good’ quarterback marginally better than the much-maligned Jared Goff.

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