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Colin Cowherd Calls Retiring Ben Roethlisberger a 'Wasted Talent'

Colin Cowherd: “For those who get a lot early -- they waste it -- and for those who don’t -- they work harder, and Big Ben is a referendum on that. The sports gods gave him everything – 6’6”, 250, mobile, huge arm, the only guy who pump fakes with one arm. The football gods gave him EVERYTHING. He is 39 and it’s OVER. He peaked at 32 and was kind of shot at 36 1/2. He got the bigger body than Brady and the bigger body than Aaron Rodgers. Aaron is 38 and the best player in the league again this year. Tom is 44 and many think he’ll win another Super Bowl. Both of them have years left. Why? Because Ben got it all. He will make the Hall of Fame, all of them will, but what wasted talent. He didn’t play as smart, he took to many hits. Why would he worry about that? He was the biggest guy in high school, the biggest guy in college, and the biggest guy in the NFL. Why protect yourself? He wasn’t as committed in the offseason. So? He wasn’t in high school and college and still dominated. He didn’t adapt, it was always just the deep ball. He never really refined his skills, what you saw early is what his talent gave him. If Ben was the equivalent of us normal citizens with normal bodies he peaks 4 or 5 years out of high school, doesn’t invest much, parties too much, and at 65 you look up and all the great years are way back in the rearview mirror. He’s Hall of Famer, he’s one of the great talents of all time. He’s Josh Allen 20 years ago. But his last big playoff win against a legitimate quarterback was 11 years ago – Joe Flacco. I look at Ben and think ‘so many hits, so little offseason commitment, never really adapted beyond the big arm. Ohhh, what could have been.' But that’s the way it works, the prettiest girl in high school is never the winner in her 40’s. The stud that all the girls fawned over at 18 ends up being a loser a lot of times. I can’t think of another quarterback who got all the gifts. Think about what he got beyond all the physical skills. He got the most stable franchise in the league, he got unbelievable wide receivers, great GM, amazing fans, great history, brilliant owners. He’s a Hall of Famer but when I think of Ben I think of so much given and so little accomplished, and ‘man, did he leave a lot of the table.’ The good news is Pittsburgh got another ring, they love him, he loves them, and it was a really cool night last night. He’ll get the plaque but I’ve never seen anyone get more gifts and he left a lot of them squandered. Great career, could have been greater, nice night, wobbly last several years.” (Full Segment Above)

In the wake of Ben Roethlisberger’s last home game for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Colin Cowherd explains why he thinks Roethlisberger’s career, although first-ballot Hall of Fame worthy, was ultimately disappointing.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Ben will go down as a ‘wasted talent.’

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