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'It's a B*tch Move': Former Redskins Players Rip RGIII For Tell-All Book

Photo: Scott Cunningham

Lavar Arrington: “My career in Washington was spoiled, ruined, and trashed, and I always still continued to speak the truth about what I experienced and what I saw. The amount of hate and the amount of anger that came my way for saying it, it was not safe to say things like what I was saying even though it was the truth back then. So, RGIII, with all due respect, it’s kind of a b*tch move to say you’re going to do a tell-all now. Why didn’t you do your tell-all three or four years ago? Because you were scared of backlash that you would receive saying what you believed your truth was in a time where you didn’t have all of the stuff that has come out with the cheerleaders, and the emails, and all this stuff that makes it safe for you to be a front-runner of justice. I HATE WHEN DUDES DO B*TCH MOVES TO BE HEROES AND HEROIC AND YOU DO IT IN THE COMFORT OF KNOWING PEOPLE ALREADY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. Stand up and be a man, do that ‘S’ before now. Someone like me said this for years, go back into the annals in the history of me saying this is a dysfunctional place, this is an evil dude [Dan Snyder], this dude does what he wants to do, and how he wants to do it. I was basically ran out of that city just for trying to stand up for myself. I was the face of an organization, the face of a city, I was deeply entrenched in that city, and did so many things outside of the scope of what happened in between the lines of the football field, and then for some strange reason now I’m being attacked, and being called this and that, ‘HE’S WASHED’, ‘HE’S OVERRATED’, ‘HE’S DUMB AS A BRICK’, and I still stood on my truth all of them years. Then you get a dude like this that waits. You’re going to ‘WAIT’?, it’s a sissy move. That’s our America and that’s our reality today. Our America is full of a bunch of sissified dudes that think they can just run with stuff and be heroes based off of being a sissy. You’ll never be a hero to me.” (Full Video Above)
Fred Smoot: “’Sensitive thugs need a hug’ and RGIII is one of these sensitive thugs who needs a hug. Tell me a man who ever came out with a tell-all book?? No man has ever done this. Then he said ‘I’m going to tell everybody how I got sexually harassed', the ugliest quarterback of all time… I just don’t know what RGIII was thinking, at what point does this benefit him? At the end of the day, nobody is waiting for RGIII’s thoughts about Washington. Then he named it ‘Surviving Washington’, was R. Kelly there?? Did I miss something?? Bobby [RGIII] is an irritant, and that’s what Bobby loves to do. Bobby failed at his career in the NFL, let’s be honest, now he wants to bring attention to himself by any means necessary, and that’s why he wrote this book, and I can’t believe somebody is actually going to read it. I wish I was blind. He should of wrote a book called ‘Surviving the Browns’, is this dude serious?? At one point is he really as important as he thinks he is? This guy is not who you think he is, I’m sorry. I don’t know who is helping him with his afterlife after football but they are leading him in the wrong direction.” (Full Video Above)

Former Washington Redskins players Lavar Arrington and Fred Smoot have taken exception to the reports that former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III will be releasing a tell-all expose next year on his time with the fabled Redskins organization under owner Dan Snyder.

Snyder's controversial tenure with the franchise has the now-Washington Football Team holding a reputation mostly laced with infamy, which makes Griffin's upcoming book another possible nail in the coffin to Snyder's already deteriorating legacy.

Griffin III was the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft behind Andrew Luck, and won the Offensive Rookie of the Year in a sensational season that looked to be the beginning of a Hall of Fame career. Unfortunately, a serious knee injury, coupled with years of malaise in the second and third strings of handfuls of teams, turned Griffin's career into one full of regret.

Although never teammates of Griffin, both Arrington and Smoot were mainstays on an early-2000's Redskins defenses that made up a perennial playoff contender.

Arrington was a celebrated college player and a three-time Pro Bowler with the Redskins from 2000-2005 as one of the best linebackers in the league.

Smoot was never a Pro Bowler, but did have 16 interceptions in his first four seasons with the team from 2001-2004, and spent three more seasons with the team as a full-time starter from 2007-2009.

Arrington called the creation of the book a ‘b*tch move’, and a ‘sissy move’, saying Griffin shouldn’t be applauded for coming out with a tell-all book years after the fact, considering the Redskins franchise has already been thoroughly outed and disgraced, and it’s not like Griffin is his risking his reputation and name by bringing to light accusations the public would still think were shocking.

Smoot wondered how the book would benefit Griffin besides the obvious financial take, saying ‘tell me a man who ever came out with a tell-all book??’. Smoot called Griffin an ‘irritant’ with an inflated self-worth, mocking the title ‘Surviving Washington’ on Griffin’s alleged experience being sexually assaulted, quipping ‘Was R Kelly there??... He should of wrote a book called ‘Surviving the Browns!’

Arrington is now a co-host on Fox Sports Radio’s ‘2 Pros and a Cup of Joe’ radio show, alongside Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox.

Griffin last played in the NFL in 2020, starting one game for the Ravens last season, and is now a college football color commentator with ESPN.

Check out the two interviews below.