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Why John Harbaugh's Failed 2-Point Conversion Attempt Was a Win for Ravens

Colin Cowherd: “There was a lot of criticism in the end because Baltimore went for two. When you have the better team and you have the world’s best field goal kicker, then you should just kick the extra point and go to overtime. Let me explain why I’ll defend Baltimore on this: this is was very consistent with their business model and football is a business. This is what they do. The Chargers and the Ravens are ‘go for it on fourth down’ teams. Secondly, Big Ben was playing his butt off, Diontae Johnson was uncoverable, and the Ravens were falling apart and losing players. The way to lose locker rooms in the NFL is confusion and players starting to question the coach. Nobody in that Baltimore locker room this morning is questioning John Harbaugh or Lamar Jackson. This is their brand. You’re always criticizing Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys – field goal, go for it, field goal, go for it – because you never know what they are. You ALWAYS know what the Ravens are. They’re into analytics and they go for it. Football is a business. Here’s what happens in Baltimore - they never lose a locker room. Good, bad, or indifferent, the Ravens never lose a locker room, EVER, because they all know this is what we do. ‘We’re not passive.’ If Dana White suddenly became politically correct everybody would be like ‘…that’s not your business model?’ The Ravens are aggressive, they always have been, they’ve always had a great owner, they’ve always had a great front office, they never lose the locker room, and they went for it. Dave Wannstedt once said ‘you can lose games but you can’t lose a locker room.’ This was completely true to their core values as a franchise.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why John Harbaugh’s gutsy two-point conversion attempt in the dying moments against the Steelers on Sunday night was actually a win for the Ravens, despite Mark Andrews mishandling an errant Lamar Jackson pass at the goal line to hand the Steelers a must-win game in Pittsburgh.

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