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Colin Cowherd Admits Tua Tagovailoa is Proving Him Wrong

WHERE COLIN WAS WRONG -- Colin Cowherd: “I gotta give Tua credit, I was a doubter and didn’t think he was athletic enough, but he is the left-handed Mac Jones. He’s accurate, he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, he knows what he is, and he knows what he isn’t. Miami is sort of a poor man’s New England, they play good defense, they play the field position game good, Miami’s got a great tight end in Gesicki, and they’ve now got some great speed on the perimeter. Tua is very much Mac Jones. In the last four games he’s completing 78% of his throws. That is literally like scrimmage numbers and like 7-on-7 summer camp numbers. He has a 109 passer rating since returning from the injury. He deserves credit, he knows what he is and he knows what he isn’t, and what he is is wildly accurate.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why a red-hot Tua Tagovailoa has been proving Colin wrong all season, as Colin has long been under the belief that 'tiny' Tua needed to be replaced in Miami ASAP from a lack of ‘IT’ factor.

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