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Doug Gottlieb Calls Time Magazine 'Idiots' For Giving Award to Simone Biles

Dan Beyer: “Time Magazine has named American gymnast Simone Biles as their Athlete of the Year for 2021.”

Doug Gottlieb: “WHAT?! WAIT, WHAT?!”

Beyer: “They’re saying that she turned the volume up on mental health issues after Naomi Osaka was kind of the one who brought up the issue, but that Simone Biles, by withdrawing during the Olympics, was the one who turned up the volume and made the conversation about mental health with athletes.”

Gottlieb: “This is not directed at you, Dan Beyer, this is directed at Time Magazine. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS. YOU ARE EMBARRASSING… This is why people who don’t understand sports shouldn’t cover sports. She didn’t 'turn up the volume on mental health', SHE MADE A MOCKERY OF MENTAL HEALTH YOU IDIOTS, YOU IMBECILES! DID YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION?! 'Mental health' in terms of somebody’s belief in self, where they stand in the universe, and all the other things. THAT is a serious problem. Suicide rates are way too high coming off of COVID. Of course we need to dive into people’s mental health. But she had the yips! The ‘twisties’! And by the way, while it did onset at a very difficult time, the truth is that she took away from any other gymnast’s ability to perform during that time. There was a girl in each one of those disciplines who didn’t get to go because Simone Biles decided she’s going to go and then decided she’s NOT going to go… Mental health issues are depression – ‘I can’t get out of bed’. THOSE are the ones we need the ‘volume’ cranked up on. And ‘ATHLETE’ of the year? I can pick about 15 that are more deserving. Do you know why? BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY PERFORMED THEIR SPORT. If she pulls out because she has the ‘yips’ or the ‘twisties’, and there’s a safety issue to it, OK, but are we going to give the same pass if we get to the NFC Championship Game and Aaron Rodgers is like ‘guys, I’m just not feeling it, I need a mental health break, I’m not going to play this weekend.’ Do you think we’re going to be understanding? Of course not. Do I realize that the Larry Nassar stuff is awful and likely all part of the equation? Sure, I’m reasonable with that, it’s terrible. But not once did Simone Biles bring it up. It was just about the fact she had the ‘twisties.’ This is the same Simone Biles who said people are ‘rooting against her.’ Who would root against a USA gymnast who is wonderful?? We just wanted to see her perform, that’s it. There are no ‘haters’ out there with a voodoo doll, the whole thing was dumb.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Time Magazine for naming American gymnast Simone Biles their ‘Athlete of the Year’ despite Biles failing to win any gold medals at the 2020 Olympic Games.

Time Magazine cited Biles’ trials and tribulations with ‘mental health’ at the 2020 Games, a quandary that apparently caused her to withdraw from the All-Around competition, her specialty, as a reason why she won 'Athlete of the Year' award, for bringing awareness to ‘mental health’ in the realm of athletics.

Check out the audio above, however, as Gottlieb argues that Biles made a ‘mockery’ of mental health, and tried to blend sports terms like the ‘yips’ and the ‘twisties’ with much darker mental health issues connected to depression and suicide.

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