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Doug Gottlieb Rips 'Idiots' Tweeting at His Travis Hunter, Jackson St. Take

Doug Gottlieb: “There’s a top prospect going to Jackson State and I pointed out that Twitter championing what’s an obvious mistake is hilarious. When you start to talk about HCBUs, ‘HBCU Guy’ is like ‘Crossfit Guy ‘ – ‘yOU dON'T UNDErstanD thE BenEfItS oF CRosSFit!’ Um, okay. ‘yOU don'T UNDeRSTANd tHe BenEFItS Of aN Hbcu!’ Okay... Let me break it down for you really quickly. There is something called the Yeshiva University, it’s a Jewish school in New York City, and they’re actually really good at Division-3 basketball. If my son is so blessed to have a Division-1 scholarship offer from like Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, or Oklahoma State, my alma mater, it would be great. Do you know where I would NOT send him? To the Yeshiva Academy. It doesn’t make me any less Jewish, and it doesn’t mean he’s not ‘down with the movement’, and it doesn’t mean that the Yeshiva Academy is not a great place. It’s just if you want to be a big-time athlete, you’re going to have to go somewhere where they actually have a chance to compete, they’re supported financially, they’re supported with facilities, with doctors, with an overall coaching staff, and a level of competition as well as a level of promotion. And oh, by the way, if you get done playing and you’re a former Duke basketball player, take a look at all their successes. They talk about how going there is a ’50-year decision.’ The commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, is a Dukie, the commentators that you see on TV from Jay Bilas to Jay Williams, etc, Dukies. Coaches in the NBA – Quin Snyder, Mike Krzyzewski, Mike Bray, Jon Scheyer is taking over, Johnny Dawkins -- DUKIES. They take care of their own and the bigger the alumni base, the more financially supported they are. It’s a mistake to choose Jackson State unless like your mom, your dad, everybody went there, and that’s been your school, but that’s not the way this went down. He was going to Florida State and Deion Sanders got Barstool to throw in a bunch of money as an ‘F U’ to a school who he played for, and he wanted to have the job. Deion probably leaves after the end of this year and takes the kid with him. This whole narrative about it being about the ‘HBCU’, like you’re buying into the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard in my life. I love when you’re like ‘yoU'Re BeING sO DiSRespECtFul TO thE hBcu!’ No, I’m not, YOU ARE. If it’s so great then raise money, build new facilities, and have them compete at the highest level. Then kids don’t have to make the decision of having to compete at the SWAC level or in the SEC or the ACC... I never said there was anything wrong with the level of education, but you can’t compare the resources that Georgia has, the talent that they have, the quality of competition, the promotion, and the support they have… You don’t know anything, you’re simply defensive because it might be your school or something that you think that I’m ‘anti.’ I don’t care, I actually care about young men so they make lives for themselves, whether they succeed in football or not. YOU don’t, and I’m mentioning all of you idiots who simply want to call people names like a ‘racist’ because I’m saying it’s smarter to go to a Georgia or Florida State than go to a Jackson State, when caring about the human being is kind of being the opposite of being a racist. I don’t know how to teach the masses that they’re idiots. Everyone takes something and just hijacks it to some meaning THEY have.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss some of the backlash he has received on social media since his controversial take on prized high school football recruit Travis Hunter’s decision to follow Deion Sanders to Jackson State.

Hunter's shocking announcement that he would flip his agreement from Florida State, one of the sport's bluebloods programs, to unheralded Jackson State, an HBCU, became one of the biggest stories in sports considering Hunter was rated by many to be the top high school recruit in the country, with Coach Sanders' celebrity factor, and Barstool Sports' rumored lucrative NIL backing spicing up the story even more.

Check out the segments above as Gottlieb details the fallacies surrounding many of the arguments that are being shelled against him on Twitter, as well as defend himself from some of the more personal attacks.

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