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'He Can't Hit Big Shots': Rob Parker Says Curry Isn't Greatest Shooter Ever

Rob Parker: “If you guys want to argue with me and call him the greatest three-pointer shooter because he’s had more makes, fine, but he’s not the greatest 'shooter' in my mind. Years from now you’ll like back at it and it will be comical. You’ll realize that it has more to do with the game and players putting up more threes than it does being about Steph Curry. His record won’t last that long... Today's numbers are astronomical and there will be guys coming up behind Steph shooting even more threes than even Steph attempted to start his career. This record will be changing hands over and over and over. If they wanna celebrate it, I’m not going to knock it, but I think it’s overdone… I have different expectations when you call somebody the ‘greatest shooter’ except for he’s not clutch. To be the ‘greatest shooter’ you gotta have those moments when people go ‘WOW, I CAN’T BELIEVE STEPH KNOCKED THAT DOWN AND WON THE GAME!’ They don’t do that. It’s like ‘oh, uhh, Steph missed another one.’ Go look at the videos, they’re all over YouTube, all the misses when the Warriors need him most. How could you look at that guy and say he’s the greatest shooter?? He won rings because Kevin Durant made shots over LeBron James. It doesn’t make sense to crown someone the greatest shooter but they can’t make big shots in big moments. It’s a contradiction. He’s the best three-point shooter because he has the most makes? I’ll give you that. AS I STAND HERE TODAY AND I NEED A BIG SHOT TO WIN A GAME, I DON’T WANT STEPH CURRY ANYWHERE NEAR THE BALL. IF HE’S THROWING UP A CONFETTI BUCKET, A HALFCOURT SHOT, OR A CIRCUS SHOT FOR THE CROWD I WANT STEPH CURRY BUT IF I WANT THE GAME TO BE WON AT THE BUZZER I DON’T WANT THE BALL NEAR STEPH CURRY. I DON’T WAN’T HIM TOUCHING THE BALL IN THE BIG MOMENTS, HE DOESN’T MAKE THOSE SHOTS. HIS SHOT ISN’T WET, HE’S WET! Kevin Durant and injuries is the reason he has three rings. ‘GREATEST SHOOTER EVER’ MY A**! He’s NOT the greatest shooter!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard get into a heated argument on the night Steph Curry broke Ray Allen’s NBA’s record of career three-pointers, as Rob says Steph can’t be considered the ‘greatest shooter ever’ if he was always a Kevin Durant hanger-on who never made big shots in the clutch.

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