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Why Dak Prescott's NFL Career Has Already Peaked

Colin Cowherd: “We mostly know Rodgers and Tom Brady are the quarterback masters, they’ve got this thing figured out before they get to the line. We mostly know that Mahomes, Herbert, and Kyler are just ridiculous talents, we know Dak is not that. What’s concerning is when I watch Jimmy Garoppolo, Joe Burrow, and Baker Mayfield yesterday and they’re better than Dak. You have to be honest about Dak. We’ve always said the intangibles are better than the tangibles. If you look at Dak’s six-year career, the Cowboys have been at their best his rookie year when they were led by Zeke, and this year when they’re led by the defense. I used to call it ‘Dak and Dunk’, they don’t throw the ball down the field. Has that re-emerged? They don’t throw it down the field anymore. Or has it ever really changed? We kept waiting for ‘he’s talented, but he’s going to keep going up and up and up’ like Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray and Justin Herbert take all these leaps and Dak really isn’t. You’re all looking for the next level, and Dak probably reached his peak end of year two. He’s a mature kid, he came in like Mac Jones, he does what he does well, he’s never been an elite arm talent, and we don’t think of him as hyper-athletic. Intangibles, leadership, toughness, voice at the podium, do the simple stuff, team on his back, but in the end the expectations screw this thing up. Dallas can win with Dak in a certain way, and that’s when he’s not leading them. This is not a shot at Dak, it’s a shot at people who screw up expectations. Dak can’t be the soul of your team. He can be a leader, he can be a voice, he can be instrumental, but the best Cowboys teams during his stay were the early Cowboys led by Zeke, and the Cowboys today led by the defensive front. Just come to terms with that. What Dak is and what you’re expecting him to be is all messed up.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dak Prescott’s career already peaked years ago, and why he believes the expectations for Dak were always way too inflated.

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