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Colin Cowherd on Browns Dumping Baker Mayfield: 'He's Bad, Not Talented'

Colin Cowherd: “Since Baker Mayfield was drafted he has the most interceptions in the NFL, the most passes batted down in the NFL, a career passer rating at 87, he’s short, he’s marginally athletic, he used to be accurate but he no longer is, and yet people in Ohio who are otherwise bright defend him at every corner. Folks, he’s not very good. He was never as good as you thought and he’s bad now, some of it injuries. He had 10 straight incompletions last night, that’s the most in the league this year. He’s called out the medical staff, he calls out coaches… I’ll say it again, it’s time for a divorce. I think there is real doubt in that locker room, that GM, and that coach about his talent. Baker at this point is holding back a sensational roster. You’re a moron if you don’t think this is a top 5 or 6 roster. It’s got the best guard-center-guard combination in the league, it’s got maybe the best running back in the league, excellent tight ends, the best pass rusher, a top safety, Denzel Ward is an elite corner, and your coach won Coach of the Year. It’s time to have standards, Cleveland. The Rams moved off Jared Goff when he had been to a Super Bowl, and you’re still defending Baker?? Fourth coach, 28-29, getting worse, injuries don’t help, a firehouse of toxicity, calling out the staff and the coaches, and when OBJ’s dad called him out there was no pushback from players. He’s lost the GM, he’s lost the coach, he’s lost some in the locker room. When he’s healthy I think he can play. He’s not who I would build around, but he’s better than what we’ve seen in the last five weeks. He’s hurt and it’s really hard to play this position when you’re hurt. Should be noted that Aaron Rodgers is hurt and he’s going to win MVP. Patrick Mahomes has been bouncing around and limping around all year and he’s fine. Tom Brady won a Super Bowl last year and we found out he had a meniscus issue. So the injury is part of it, and the average, small, cocky, marginally athletic, poor judgment is part of it too. Baker is a tough guy, he’s not a talented guy. He’s a tough guy and for that he deserves credit. But we never questioned ‘tough’, what we questioned was talent and judgment, and in both instances, they’re not very good, and it’s time for a divorce.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why it’s time for a divorce between Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns, as Colin details why a sheer lack of talent on Mayfield’s end has finally alienated a Browns locker room and coaching staff who was good enough to win a Super Bowl in every aspect but quarterback.

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