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Colin Cowherd Says 'Cynical' Aaron Rodgers Made Career 'Bailing' on Packers

Colin Cowherd: “We already have enough evidence, Aaron Rodgers is not great in playoff games, hell, he’s 5-4 at Lambeau and I think he’s been a favorite in all nine. He’s not as daring in crisis as players like Burrow, Mahomes, Allen, and Stafford are. He starts playing safe. It always comes down to relationships and this has always been my theory on Aaron who has fought with his own family. Guys like Brady are all about relationships, they make stuff work. Tom gets along with EVERYBODY. Relationships are about trusting and elevating others. Tom is optimistic and he’ll make it work. Aaron is cynical by nature and not trusting. Good god, after Marcedes Lewis fumbled, Aaron changed. ‘UGH, I’M A VICTIM AGAIN! TEAMMATES AREN’T THERE FOR ME!’ The next two drives were 3-and-out, 3-and-out, played it safe, no yards. The Niners defense is good, it ain’t THAT good... You’re at home, be DARING. Joe Burrow is getting the you-know-what kicked out of him for three and a half hours and doesn’t care, DOWNFIELD. Stafford’s team is melting around him, doesn’t care, DOWNFIELD. All these quarterbacks – down the field, stopped playing safe, protecting a legacy – because they have relationships. Aaron doesn’t have any, and the minute something goes sideways, I’ve said for years, he is a BAILER, not a BALLER, the last guy you would want in a foxhole. Twenty-one of his 29 completions were to two people, Davante Adams and Aaron Jones. Dude, you’ve had all these wide receivers around you for four years, you don’t have another trusting relationship? In order to trust people, you have to throw those balls, not be cynical, and put your arms around people… You can’t do it alone, you can’t be cynical, you can’t be a 'BAILER' We have evidence now – if Aaron trails in the fourth quarter against a winning team, even at home, GAME OVER. That’s not what he does. You gotta be able to trust somebody else besides Davante Adams. After the game, Aaron Rodgers said ‘I’m not going to stay here if there’s a rebuild’ OMG! I’m above a rebuild! Can you stop with the ‘I’m above a rebuild’? Not really, not at this point, because you’re not as good as Mahomes or Josh Allen, you’re not as coachable as Justin Herbert, and you don’t have the resume as Tom Brady. It was the classic ‘I’M ABOVE A REBUILD!’ Not really, bro.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the Green Bay Packers’ shocking early playoff exit at the hands of the Cinderella story San Francisco 49ers, and why he thinks it was another classic case of the three-time MVP ‘bailing’ on his team when the going got tough.

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