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Colin Cowherd Explains Why Aaron Rodgers is Not the MVP

Colin Cowherd: “CONGRATULATIONS, AARON RODGERS WON PASSER RATING! ‘wElL hE tHrEw fEwEr pIcKs!’ Oh good hell, folks, we don’t give the NBA MVP to the guy with the fewest turnovers. Steph Curry was the unanimous MVP, he turned the ball over a lot. Why? Because when you have the ball in your hands you turn it over. You gave Westbrook an MVP and he’s a turnover machine. We don’t give or take away MVP’s because of fewest picks or fewest turnovers. You’re going to throw picks if you’re going to throw the ball down the damn field. Don’t get me wrong, Aaron doesn’t throw a lot of picks, but when I heard ‘AARON HAS TO WIN MVP OR IT WAS ABOUT THE SHOT IN THE ARM!’, it’s a bunch of nonsense. You can certainly give it to Aaron, I think I’d give it to Joe Burrow, and Brady has an absolute argument. I’d give it to Burrow because he’s done more with less. He has the worst offensive line in the playoffs, he’s got the worst roster in the playoffs, and we ‘think’ Zac Taylor is good but he was lousy before Burrow. I would give the MVP to Burrow by an inch over Aaron or Tom.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Joe Burrow should be the NFL’s MVP, despite the betting markets tabbing Aaron Rodgers as the heavy favorite, with Tom Brady seemingly being the only other viable contender to challenge Rodgers.

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