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Rob Parker Says 'Overmatched' Kyler Murray is Simply Another Doug Flutie

Rob Parker: “I don’t think you can win a championship with Kyler Murray. I really don’t after watching. I don’t think he can win a championship, and I think he’s going to wind up being Doug Flutie with better dance moves and a better tan. That’s all he’s going to wind up being… I’m not retracting that. I look around at the quarterbacks that win and they’re all the same, which is they stand in the pocket for the most part, and make plays. Lamar Jackson is a little different in that he did improve throwing the football, and I think Kyler Murray’s height is going to hurt him. That’s not a question for Lamar. If he wins I’ll be the first person to say I was wrong and drink soap water. That’s my gut and I know you’re going to push back saying it’s only one game and that it’s not fair. They lost to the Lions. I saw Aaron Rodgers go to Arizona without his three best receivers and win a game. I know he’s young and it’s a lot, but that is what I got out of watching yesterday. I just don’t see it. He looked overmatched.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he doesn’t think the Arizona Cardinals can win a Super Bowl with Kyler Murray, as Rob thinks the third-year quarterback is simply another ‘Doug Flutie.’

Like Murray, Flutie is also 5’10”, playing 13 years in the NFL and making one Pro Bowl.

In Arizona's Monday Night evisceration at the hands of the division rival Rams, Murray posted a horrifying 7.6 QBR score, lowlighted by his underhand throw pick-six from his own end zone in the third quarter that quickly went down as one of the worst plays in postseason history.

Check out the segment above as Parker and Chris Broussard vehemently disagree on Murray’s outlook.

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