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Colin Cowherd Explains How He Would Fix These Downtrodden NFL Teams

Colin Cowherd: “I always said if I wasn’t a sportscaster I would want to be an NFL GM, so I created a business called ‘Cowherd Consulting’ and today I’m going to give you my advice for all the job openings in the NFL if I was the general manager.”

Broncos: “Step 1. I would hire an offensive coach. You are ready to win now, you keep hiring defensive coaches – Vance Joseph, Vic Fangio, John Fox – it’s not working, and your division has star quarterbacks. You better figure out how to score points, you can’t defend your way to a title in that division. Step 2. Veteran quarterback -- Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, GO BIG, you’re ready to win now. Step 3. Then you get an edge rusher. When Von Miller left they became like 25th in sacks. They had good ones but Von Miller is now a Ram, go get an edge rusher and your roster will be complete.”
Giants: “Hire a GM and a coach, I’ll let you figure out who. Strip down the entire offense, I don’t care about the defense, you got some players there. Strip down the entire offense outside Andrew Thomas and Kadarious Toney. I would then decline Daniel Jones’ fifth-year option, and consider going BIG and getting a Russell Wilson. The key is to rebuild the offense outside of Thomas and Toney, it’s a big of overpaid nonsense.”

For the FULL segment check out the video above.

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