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Here Are the Latest Updates on Tom Brady's Potential Retirement

Dan Patrick: “Where do we stand with this story?”

Rick Stroud: “If you talk to Jason Licht or Bruce Arians, or any of the coaches, they think it hasn’t happened yet and it’s possible that he could retire. They were hurt by all of this, coming out the way that it did. They sort of said the media ‘jumped the gun’ a little bit. Eventually, Tom Brady called Jason Licht and told him he wasn’t close to making a decision yet… I expect it to happen. Really, it started Friday night with Jason La Canfora and the report on CBS and it kind of stayed out there for 20 hours, but once you hear Adam Schefter's report on it you think ‘OK, this is really happening’ now… I think this is going to force his hand a little bit sooner than he wanted it to be. He wants to control this, nobody is going to tell him when and how he’s going to do this, so he’ll do it on his own time. Now that the news it out, it’s probably coming soon.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Tampa Bay Times Buccaneers reporter Rick Stroud join The Dan Patrick Show to detail the latest developments in the ‘Tom Brady Retirement Saga’, which became the biggest story in sports over the weekend when it was reported that the 44-year-old Brady was indeed planning to retire in the coming days/weeks.

Brady's camp quickly surfaced to tamp down the Twitter firestorm that ESPN's Adam Schefter incited with his breaking news tweet on Saturday calling for the end of Brady's career, but it was unclear whether it was Brady rejecting the notion that his career was over, or simply delaying the inevitable, and wanting his official retirement announcement to come later, and on his own terms.

Check out the segment above as well as the FULL interview below.

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