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Colin Cowherd Says Bucs 'Culture' Has Never Been a Good Fit For Tom Brady

Colin Cowherd: “My number one concern with Tampa is that Tom is intense and demanding, and demands structure. It is who he is and it is his nature – Tampa is NOT. Tampa is loose, it’s Ybor City, it’s fun, and the football standards aren’t very high. Cocktails at 4 and everybody piles in. Lavonte David noted 'We had turmoil all year in the organization.’ AB is loose, Bruce Arians can be loose, and Tampa Bay was not ready to play, and they were outcoached and out-focused. Tom and Belichick live for STRUCTURE, it’s Tom’s DNA. He loves structure, he loves business, and Tampa is loose – they weren’t ready to play. It’s one thing to win a Super Bowl or be successful in life, it’s another to sustain it. That is harder because you’re a target. Everybody in Tampa got paid, and everybody in Tampa got told how great they are. ‘Party Guy’ isn’t in it for the long haul. In New England, they win a Super Bowl and hold a parade, and they chant ‘NO DAYS OFF!’ The victory parade in Tampa, even Tom got drunk. It’s a different culture, it doesn’t fit Tom, they overcame it last year, but they’ve got to tighten up the screws because they weren’t ready to play yesterday, and that’s what drives Tom nuts. Tom said three times publicly in the last month ‘we’ve got to be focused, we gotta do our part, we gotta be ready.’ Tom gave us signals he was leaving New England and I didn’t pay attention to enough of them. He kept telling us over and over ‘We’re not dialed in here’, and they weren’t yesterday.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ultimately fell short of becoming the first repeat Super Bowl champions since the Patriots in 2004, and why he thinks the loose ‘culture’ in Tampa was the main culprit in Tom Brady not winning his 8th Super Bowl ring

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