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Why the Narrative Around Aaron Rodgers' Legacy is Starting to Unravel

Chris Broussard: “I agree with this coach saying ‘Rodgers has not shown that he has what it takes to win multiple championships’. I don’t agree with the ‘OH, THE WOKE MOB AND CANCER CULTURE!...’ because Rodgers was falling short long before he started going on The Pat McAfee Show, and long before he became the face of the ‘anti-vax movement.’ Whether you disagree with that or not that wasn’t the problem, because when he was keeping to himself five years ago in 2016 the same thing was happening to him, he was falling short. When you just talk about ‘regular season’ quarterbacks, he’s arguably been the best ever. REGULAR SEASON. But when it comes to the big moment and comes to the playoffs, he doesn’t get it done more often than not. He got his Super Bowl, you can’t take that away from him, and he played well in that game, But I think two myths got busted this weekend. 1) ‘IF AARON RODGERS WOULD HAVE BEEN IN NEW ENGLAND HE WOULD HAVE WON MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS THAN BRADY!’ No, I don’t think so. I don’t think he would have won as many because he doesn’t rise to the occasion like Tom Brady does. He doesn’t galvanize his team. He doesn’t make them BELIEVE like Brady does. And the second myth is ‘WELL, HE DOESN’T HAVE ALL THESE RINGS BECAUSE IT’S THE DEFENSE’S FAULT!’ Remember they gave up 44 against Atlanta? Yeah, but they were down 24-0 at halftime, why didn’t Rodgers put any points on the board? People say ‘San Francisco put up 37 on them a couple years ago, what was Rodgers supposed to do??’ He was shut out the first half! The defense wasn’t doing their job but he wasn’t putting up points either.”
Ephraim Salaam: “Everybody will say he doesn’t ‘trust’ his receivers. How many times – you go back to New England’s Super Bowls with Tom Brady – you couldn’t name those receivers outside of Randy Moss. Julian Edelman looked like a CPA somewhere, like they just found him at the post office. What happened? He built a relationship and became one of the greatest slot receivers, same with Wes Welker. If you saw those dudes in the club and they said they won the Super Bowl you’d be like ‘get out of here, man.’ The narrative for Aaron Rodgers is that nobody is doing enough to help him while these OTHER great quarterbacks…how many times has Drew Brees taken a sixth round draft pick that no one has ever heard of and made them an All-Pro? All of these OTHER quarterbacks who are of the same caliber managed to build a relationship or build trust with other players. With Aaron Rodgers it’s always ‘WE GOTTA DO MORE! WE GOTTA DRAFT HIM! WE GOTTA BRING IN THIS GUY! WE NEED A DEFENSE!’ They just held the 49ers to 13 points. He had everything he needed there, but he held the ball too long, he didn’t check the ball down, and he didn’t hit open receivers. THAT is why they lost the game and that is an 'Aaron Rodgers' problem… It’s about ‘leadership’ and Aaron Rodgers has a knack for alienating people.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and former NFL player Ephraim Salaam, an ex-offensive lineman guest-hosting for Rob Parker, discuss the ‘myths’ surrounding Aaron Rodgers' legacy that they believe were disproven over the weekend when the no. 1 seeded Packers were dumped out of the playoffs by underdog San Francisco.

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