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Rob Parker Rips LeBron James For 'Stat Stuffing' and Bailing on Winning

Photo: Harry How

LeBron James: “I’m literally having the time of my life right now and the game is such a beautiful thing. As long as I’m healthy enough to put on a uniform, I’m going to play with a lot of passion, a lot of energy, give my teammates what they deserve, what they need, and hopefully for the rest of the season I can just stay somewhat injury-free.”

Rob Parker: “WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? IF I WERE A LOS ANGELES LAKER FAN I WOULD BE IRATE. ‘BEAUTIFUL’?? THE LAKERS ARE SUFFERING THROUGH ONE OF THEIR WORST SEASONS! James Worthy said he can’t ever remember the Lakers being this awful. The former Laker who does postgame has been lost for words all year! He’s never seen anything like it and LeBron calls it ‘beautiful’ because he’s averaging 30 points per game. HOW DARE YOU LEBRON. IT’S ABOUT WINNING, NOT COMPILING STATS! WHO CARES? A ‘BEAUTIFUL’ SEASON WOULD MEAN THAT THE LAKERS ARE LEADING THE WESTERN CONFERENCE AND LEBRON IS AVERAGING 5 POINTS. THAT’S BEAUTIFUL, THAT’S WHAT PLAYERS SHOULD ASPIRE TO, NOT INDIVIDUAL NUMBERS THAT HAVE NO IMPACT. LeBron, what are you talking about?? I can’t believe LeBron is reduced to this! He’s a stat sheet stuffer! I’m sorry, I can’t buy into ‘this is beautiful’ How can you enjoy this when your stinks and this has been a total disaster?? YOU put this together. Most Lakers fans don’t even wanna watch this mess and LeBron thinks it’s ‘beautiful’. I’m sorry, I’m OUT. He’s doing his best ‘Stat Padford’ impersonation. These stats don’t mean anything. How about playing some defense? Of course he’s just putting up numbers because he knows the games don’t matter. He’s playing with no pressure and he’s just filling the stat sheet. LeBron cares more about STATS.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks LeBron James has now become the NBA’s version of ‘Stat Padford’, as Rob says LeBron is pathetically resorted to ‘stat-stuffing’ to win the league's scoring title to hide the fact the Lakers are having one of their most disastrous and embarrassing seasons in franchise history.

Check out the audio above as Rob rips LeBron for saying he’s ‘having the time of his life’ despite the team being 11 games under .500.

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