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Colin Cowherd: 'There's No Market For Jimmy Garoppolo and Baker Mayfield'

Colin Cowherd: “There is no market for Jimmy Garoppolo. He can’t throw for four months, I wouldn’t bring him in. I’ve also predicted that there is no market for Baker Mayfield outside of Seattle. I can’t see Carolina having Baker AND Darnold both making $18 million, that makes no sense, but they’re desperate and it could happen. Between these two players, I think you have one, maybe two teams max after them. The 49ers and the Browns had stacked rosters and they’re giving up on both of them so good luck trying to convince the league that they’re fantastic, because neither one is going to go to a roster as good as the Browns or the Niners. You’re trying to sell people something that you’re bailing on. There is no upside to Baker and Garoppolo. The downside is Baker’s personality and he goes sideways, and Jimmy’s health, so you’re much better off just tanking -- there’s probably a better word out there -- and just going out and getting a college quarterback this year or next. You tell me, what’s the value of getting Baker or Jimmy Garoppolo? I don’t think there’s a market for Garoppolo or Baker. Seattle is better off tanking. Seattle should just tank and get a quarterback next year or draft one this year. You think Garoppolo and Baker change Seattle’s fortunes? Oh, God, no. You’re better off tanking and getting a quarterback who is essentially ‘free’ for 4 years, then paying $25-$28 million for Garoppolo or $19 million for Baker, and knowing they can’t get you close to the upper crust on the NFL. There’s no upside, so what’s the point? The end result will be the same, you’re not a Super Bowl team and you’re not a playoff team.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think there is any market for Jimmy Garoppolo and Baker Mayfield, as the rambunctious game of musical chairs at the quarterback position this offseason has yielded Jimmy G and Baker as the game’s two biggest losers.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he would rather tank as a franchise and dip their luck into the NFL Draft, than settle on two middling veterans who were carried by loaded rosters in San Francisco and Cleveland.

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