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Why You Shouldn't Buy Into Ja Morant's Rise to NBA Superstar

Colin Cowherd: “I know Ja Morant is great but I would like to remind you: fans and the media have fallen for this five times in the last 12 years – it’s called John Wall, Westbrook, Derrick Rose… Derrick Rose was every bit Ja Morant, he literally took over social media and cable TV. I am very skeptical about the long-term championship odds for springy and athletic guards who drive and score. The multiple MVP guard winners – Magic with three, Steph with two, Nash with two – are distributors and shooters. The little guys that knock your socks off and drive to the basket because they’re not great shooters do not last. Wall hurt, Westbrook multiple times hurt, Derrick Rose… Derrick Rose was every bit Ja Morant. He was not a great shooter, he had to finish at the rim, and he got hurt. Right now Ja Morant is second in the league in paint scoring behind a center, Jokic. I’m not disputing any of this, the highlights last night were incredible, but I’ve seen us do this over, and over, and over again. He’s a good distributor, not great, but he’s got to pull up, he’s NOT big. As Daryl Morey told me last week, you have no idea how physical it is in the NBA around the rim. It is BRUTAL. These guys are 6’11”, 250, BANG to the floor, you can’t last. You gotta shoot and pull up.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he fears that Ja Morant could simply be another flash in the pan similar to Derrick Rose and John Wall, as a flashy point ball-handler and human highlight reel who began to quickly deteriorate as a star because of their obsession with driving to the hoop, paired with their lack of perimeter shooting.

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