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Colin Cowherd Says Aaron Rodgers Has Inflated Trade Value

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers is no longer an ascending quarterback for the Packers… If you asked Matt Stafford or Russell Wilson where they would want Aaron Rodgers to go I think they’d say ‘STAY IN GREEN BAY!’ So many people in the media are saying ‘I’D GIVE UP SO MANY PICKS FOR AARON!’ I don’t think he’s an ascending player. There is absolutely no proof, in his last 16 playoff games he’s 7-9, many of those at home as a favorite. There is no proof that his best football is in the playoffs anymore. There is absolute, verifiable proof that Matt Stafford is a great second-half quarterback, a great playoff quarterback when surrounded by reasonable talent, and was easily the best fourth quarter quarterback in the league last year. There was PROOF that Elway was, that Brady was. There’s no proof with Aaron, he’s had one long playoff run. There are so many quarterbacks who are ‘ascending’ – Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert…Aaron is not an ascending player, they’re in cap hell, they don’t have an owner, and they don’t have a dynamic #2 receiver, which is essential. Green Bay has peaked and I think if you asked Aaron’s contemporaries and rivals, they’d rather have him stay in Green Bay.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explains why he thinks Aaron Rodgers’ value in a potential trade is being overhyped, as Colin details the reasons he believes Rodgers is no longer an ‘ascending’ player.

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