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Colin Cowherd Says Where Russell Wilson Should Be Traded and For How Much

Colin Cowherd: “The Eagles have three first-round picks [#15, #16, #19]. If I ran the Eagles I would give Seattle all my picks in the first round and next year’s first-round pick. I’d give you four first-round picks and I’d give you a player. I’d give you Darius Slay and four first-round picks. Russell Wilson would dominate that division in Philadelphia forever… Philadelphia would be the likely place to go. It’s the Northeast, big city, it’s good for Ciara and Russ, he’ll be more prominent, those are BIG games against Washington, the Giants, and Dallas. If you’re a part of those rivalries you are on TV every Sunday and Monday night. When the Seahawks are not good they disappear off the TV slate. Nothing against first-round picks, but I would give up every first-round pick this year and next year if I was Philadelphia and have absolutely zero reservations. It’s an interesting draft but it’s not a star-studded draft. There is no great first pick, there’s not a great running back, there’s not a great receiver, there’s not a great quarterback… There is no power at the top so I’d give them ALL my picks.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Philadelphia Eagles would make the most viable trade partner with the Seattle Seahawks for Russell Wilson, and detail what kind of trade package it would take to persuade the dormant Seattle franchise into parting ways with the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

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