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Colin Cowherd: Lakers Shouldn't Be Scared to Trade LeBron James

Colin Cowherd: “Five years ago if I said to you ‘a team is going to trade LeBron, they’re over him…’ ‘WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! ’ Really? He’s missed 75 games in the last four years. He’s missed a SEASON in the last four seasons and he’s getting older. He doesn’t give you 44 minutes a night and he’s not nearly as dominant on the defensive end. I would prefer the Lakers keep LeBron, trade AD, and blow it up this offseason, but so what if you had to trade him? LA has a history, we just get the next guy. Kareem, Wilt, Shaq, LeBron – it’s what the city does. Matt Stafford said ‘I want to go to LA’. OBJ: ‘Get me to LA.’ Paul George: ‘I want to go to LA.’ Lincoln Riley: ‘get me to the LA.’ This isn’t Cleveland, the Lakers shouldn’t be desperate. The greatest leverage you can have in negotiations is having no fear. LeBron is someone I would want to keep, and LeBron wants to stay here, but there’s an argument to be made that LeBron needs LA right now as badly as LA needs LeBron. His business and his net worth have doubled in four years. He is crushing it out here in business. You put Giannis in LA right now and he would make so much more money than he does in Milwaukee. There would be so many more opportunities. Shaq in Orlando was a great basketball player, but Shaq in LA was an INDUSTRY. The Lakers are not winning a championship with this group, it’s OVER. Folks, you got a title with old LeBron and brittle AD, and you’re not going to get another pandemic where they get 3-4 months off in the middle of the season. I’d like to build around LeBron but things change fast. You can’t be fear-based. This is not a city that struggles to attract talent, and right now LeBron’s business is better than his basketball in LA. He NEEDS LA too.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Lakers shouldn’t have any fears this off-season when it comes to the idea of trading LeBron James, as Colin believes this current Lakers group has absolutely no future when it comes to contending with the Warriors and Suns in the Western Conference the next few seasons.

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