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Clay Travis on Juwan Howard Suspension: 'He Got Off Light'

Clay Travis: “To me, you suspend him for the rest of the year. They didn’t suspend him for the rest of the year and they allow him to come back and coach in the Big Ten Tournament. That might only be a game and it looks like right now Michigan is trending towards the NIT. You can’t slap a guy in the handshake line. I would venture that almost every single coach in America in college and the pros at some point has wanted to slap, hit, punch, or tackle the opponent at some point in time. You get all fired up, these are highly competitive guys, and I guarantee you that every single one of them has thought that in the moment, but they all managed to restrain themselves from doing it. Juwan Howard is probably the only employee at Michigan who could attack a person at his job and not lose his job. I didn’t think he should lose his job, I’m not a ‘cancel culture’ guy, but I did think he should be suspended, given his past history, for the rest of this season and should be able to come back next year… Deadspin used to write intelligent pieces but now they are so wildly predictable and dumb, and in no way are actually remotely intelligent. Deadspin wrote of course, ‘when it comes Juwan Howard and Greg Gard, why is the Black coach the only one suspended when the White coach started it?’ First of all, this shouldn’t be a racial issue but everything is a racial issue these days. The reason is because THE BLACK COACH HIT THE WHITE COACH… He hit an assistant coach, who he wasn’t even arguing with in the first place. It just made no sense and I think Juwan Howard got off light.” (Full Segment Above)

Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage discussed the bizarre Juwan Howard/Greg Gard fracas that occurred over the weekend, as Clay thinks Howard’s open hand slap of a Wisconsin basketball assistant coach should have warranted a season-ending suspension.

Howard was ultimately banned for the final five games of the regular season but would be able to come back for the Big Ten Tournament, as well as any postseason tournament Michigan qualifies for.

Check out the segment above.

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