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Doug Gottlieb on Damian Lillard: 'Probably the Most Overrated Player Ever'

Doug Gottlieb: “The question is always asked when they get to contract extension time ‘do they want to stay or do they want to get to a bigger market?’ As of now it appears like Damian Lillard is staying. Damian Lillard has gone from ‘guy who needs quality teammates’ to ‘probably the most overrated player in the history of the NBA.’ He was in the 'Top 75 Team', are you kidding me?? It’s kind of laughable. Remember, we’re talking about the 75 best players to EVER play in the NBA, and Damian Lillard is on that team?? He has never been better than Steph Curry, that has never happened. He’s never been better than LeBron James ever in a year, he’s never been better than Kevin Durant, and heck, I would point out that statistically and in terms of success, he’s very similar to Russell Westbrook. Westbrook went to the NBA Finals, but on a loaded young team. Outside of when he didn’t have that loaded young team they got to the conference finals once for him, and when it was his own team they got beat early in the playoffs. That was very similar [to Lillard], the only difference is Russell Westbrook has historically significant stats. Either of them you could probably take off the list [NBA Top 75 list], but Westbrook has been an MVP and averaged a triple-double. Lillard is not better than Jokic, he’s not better than Giannis, not better than James Harden, but he’s like the one guy who receives all these extra adulations because he stays in Portland?” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Damian Lillard is ‘probably the most overrated player in NBA history’, during a discussion in which Gottlieb was originally talking about Zion Williamson potentially being another homegrown superstar who ended up bolting the small-market franchise who drafted him.

Check out the short audio above as Gottlieb details why he thinks Lillard gets immensely overrated just because he receives some undeserved benefit of adulation from fans and media members who respect the fact he’s willing to stay in Portland despite the Blazers having drifted way out of title contention the last few seasons.

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