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Rob Parker: 'Leech' Tom Brady Will Hurt His Legacy if He Comes Back to Play

Rob Parker on Tom Brady potentially coming out of retirement:
“If Tom Brady does this and goes back on his word to retire or leave football, I think it will be the worst mistake Tom Brady can make from this standpoint...he becomes just a Super Bowl ring chaser. Now it’s not good enough that he won in New England, then went down to Tampa and won there, and now he wants to go tag onto another team that’s ready to win. That doesn’t justify or tell you how great you are to be a ring or trophy chaser. TOM BRADY, IF YOU COME BACK YOU WILL DIMINISH WHAT YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED! YOU WILL MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE JUST A HOARDER AND YOU JUST WANT SHINY THINGS! YOU WANT PEOPLE TO GO ‘LOOK, HE JUST WON ANOTHER SUPER BOWL! TOM BRADY IS UNBELIEVABLE! HE WENT TO SAN FRANCISCO AND THEY WON!’ Guess what? San Francisco was just in the NFC Championship, so if he does that it AIN’T about Tom Brady, he’s just the added flour that they added to the cake. The cake is baking and he’s the frosting. STOP IT, TOM! You will make people look at you in a different way. Accept what you just did. You won in New England, you proved you could win without Belichick, now to stand aside and then run and try to attach yourself and be a leech to another good team to try and win another championship is disgraceful. It’s downright dumb and it will take away from all that you’ve done. Don’t be ‘that guy’, enough already! How many rings do you want? Do you have to be that greedy?? Let OTHER people get involved, let OTHER quarterbacks have an opportunity, MY GOD!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Tom Brady would damage his NFL legacy if he came out of retirement with to join another team, as Rob says Brady’s ‘ring chasing’ would make him come off as a ‘leech’ desperately looking to attach himself to a team close to winning a Super Bowl.

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