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Rob Parker Rips 'Pathetic, Ego Maniac' Tom Brady For Ending His Retirement

Rob Parker: “Tom Brady has officially reached 'GO AWAY' status. Tom Brady is SICKENING right now to a lot of NFL America. Yes, he has his fans but there is a large part of the NFL nation that is like ‘ENOUGH ALREADY!’ Tom Brady is that guy on your couch at 2am wanting to know if you still have any more nachos. GET OFF MY DAMN COUCH, TOM BRADY! ENOUGH! HE’S AN ATTENTION WH*RE! This is ridiculous! He had his out. Tom Brady did it right; he proved his point, he left New England and won a championship…and the notion that that wasn’t enough to satisfy him, even at this age – WHY??? THERE IS NO REASON OTHER THAN TO BE SELFISH AND TO BE IN THE LIMELIGHT. HE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT! TOM BRADY WANTS TO GO OFF THE FIELD IN A STRETCHER, IN A WHEELCHAIR, AND TO HAVE DAMAGE DONE TO HIM. THAT’S HOW SICK HE IS. GO THE HELL HOME WITH YOUR WIFE AND KIDS, THAT’S WHERE YOU BELONG AT 44! People can respect a yearning to compete but there does come a time at a certain age where you need to get to the sideline and let somebody else have a chance. This is ego, this is what this is. He’s an EGO MANIAC. I thought Tom Brady was about himself, but this proves to me even more that this is a drug. Tom Brady is on FOOTBALL CRACK. HE CAN’T GET ENOUGH. HE’LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BE ABLE TO PLAY FOOTBALL. There comes a time where you gotta step aside to save yourself. People are sick of him and there are going to be people who want more than ever for this not to work out, and I fear Tom Brady will wind up getting hurt. Who wants to go out that way? I feel sorry for this guy that he doesn’t feel satisfied, or that he doesn’t feel complete to move onto the next chapter of his life. It’s pathetic to me. Tom Brady, you made me throw up in my mouth this weekend.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Tom Brady for already ending his NFL retirement just six weeks after making his initial goodbye to the league, as Rob called Brady a ‘selfish ego maniac’ who is rubbing fans the wrong way.

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