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Chris Simms Tries to Defend Ranking Tom Brady #8 in his 2022 QB Rankings

Dan Patrick: “Tom Brady was 8th on the list. Led the league in touchdown passes last year, decided to come back for another year, why 8?”

Chris Simms: “I look at it and go ‘that’s amazing!’, I guess some people will look at it and go ‘that’s mean, he should be higher than that!’ Brady can take advantage of ‘more’ with MORE than maybe any of these quarterbacks. Sure, if you put him on the best team in football with a great offensive coordinator he’s going to make that team look unbelievable. He’s going to get in the right decision, the right throw, make plays with his arm, all of that… But my list is predicated on us all being on the same team. We all have the same team and we’re on an offense that has got a little bit of everything, but it’s not Kyle Shanahan or Josh McDaniels giving you every advantage in the world. Then I try to base it off 1) physical ability, 2) smarts, 3) leadership and effect on the team, and 4) how you work in the pocket, those are my main things. Brady’s arm is phenomenal but if the protection is not good and it’s just average, Brady can be kind of average, I’m just sorry. There is no way he could do what Joe Burrow did in Cincinnati and go to the Super Bowl with one of the worst offensive lines in the sport. He can do more with more, but I would say he can’t do more with less like some of these other guys. As phenomenal as he is, that’s the one issue he has in his game at this point.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Simms join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why he had controversially had Tom Brady ranked no. 8 in his top 40 QB rankings heading into 2022, despite Brady coming off a season in which he led the NFL in touchdowns, and passing yards.

Here was Simms’ top 40 list:

40. Drew Lock
39. Kenny Pickett
38. Teddy Bridgewater
37. Gardner Minshew
36. Tyrod Taylor
35. Davis Mills
34. Tyler Huntley
33. Geno Smith
32. Sam Darnold
31. Trey Lance
30. Jared Goff
29. Tua Tagovailoa
28. Marcus Mariota
27. Mitch Trubisky
26. Jameis Winston
25. Jalen Hurts
24. Trevor Lawrence
23. Justin Fields
22. Zach Wilson
21. Daniel Jones
20. Jimmy Garoppolo
19. Carson Wentz
18. Mac Jones
17. Baker Mayfield
16. Kirk Cousins
15. Ryan Tannehill
14. Matt Ryan
13. Deshaun Watson
12. Kyler Murray
11. Derek Carr
10. Lamar Jackson
9. Dak Prescott
8. Tom Brady
7. Russell Wilson
6. Matthew Stafford
5. Aaron Rodgers
4. Joe Burrow
3. Justin Herbert
2. Patrick Mahomes
1. Josh Allen

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