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Colin Cowherd Doubts If Superstars Will Ever Want to Play With Luka Doncic

Colin Cowherd: “Luka has a little bit of LeBron and a little bit of Larry Bird in him, but when you watch these young players develop you see good habits, you see bad habits, and yes Luka has some Larry Bird in him, but he’s got some James Harden in him and Carmelo Anthony in him too. Luka has the number one usage rate in the NBA the last two years and it goes up in the playoffs. Is anyone really going to want to play with him? And if they do, will it work? Is this Luka’s game? He HAS to have the ball in his hands all the time. LeBron used to have the ball in his hands a lot but he’s a great passer and he’s a great distributor. Luka has got a little James Harden in him, I don’t know if he would play well with a teammate who wants to score. If I said Luka and KD, you’d be like ‘ehhhh, I don’t know if that’s good for KD.’ If you say LeBron and KD in their primes, that would work. There’s also a little bit of ‘Melo in Luka. You’re never really sure he’s in great shape. George Karl used to say that Carmelo ‘played himself into shape’ and it kind of feels that way with Luka. Is he really dialed in? There is Larry Bird here, but there are some James Harden questions and they’re real. There’s another player that Luka is becoming statistically. Get ready for it -- Russell Westbrook. Luka and Westbrook are the only two players all-time with a losing record in playoff games in which they scored 40 or more. That’s not great. ‘Melo, Harden, and Westbrook are not exactly the comps that you are looking for in playoff success. I like Luka a lot but is he just an immense individual talent who is going to struggle playing with others and elevating others? Even if he attracted a star to play with him, would the star be happy a year later?” (Full Video Above)

Listen Colin Cowherd explain why he’s worried that Luka Doncic, although supremely talented, could become the next James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, or Russell Westbrook, as three high-usage stat padders that struggle to have team success in the postseason.

Check out the video above as Colin wonders if the Mavericks will have trouble attracting stars to play alongside Luka, and whether those stars will end up jumping ship early into their deals knowing that Doncic doesn't elevate their skillsets.

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