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"I TOLD YOU": Rob Parker Dances on the Grave of 'Fraudulent' Phoenix Suns

Rob Parker: “I TOLD YOU SO! I’VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR A YEAR AND A HALF NOW. THE PHOENIX SUNS ARE FUGAZI! FRAUDULENT! WE’VE SEEN IT NOW OVER AND OVER. Their run to the Finals last year I didn’t validate or even think was legit because they rolled over every team who had a major star missing. Anthony Davis on the Lakers – GONE, Jamal Murray from the Nuggets – GONE, and the Clippers without Kawhi Leonard. This year with Zion and the Pelicans. They can’t get it done. They were up 2-0 in the Finals last year and lost the next four games. Their record is 4-0 when major star players are out in the last two postseasons and 0-2 when they face healthy teams with their stars. Then they had the nerve to say they were on a ‘revenge tour.’ They’re just where I thought they would be, I never bought into them. Chris Paul and his record speaks for itself. Him and Devin Booker going 0/11 in the first half in their own crib... They choked so bad that Dr. Heimlich wouldn’t even want to waste a maneuver on them. They were so piss poor that the Washington Generals wanted to throw confetti on THEM during the game. The happiest man in Phoenix right now is Kyler Murray because nobody will remember that stinking playoff game that he had, which was God-awful against the Rams. To lose in that form at home in front of your own crowd in Game 7 was embarrassing.”

Listen to Rob Parker dance on the graves of the Phoenix Suns after their collapse in the Western Conference playoffs to Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, as Rob says he never bought into the ‘fugazi’ no. 1 seed Suns.

Check out the video above as Rob details why the Suns’ run to the Finals in 2021, which spearheaded their momentum heading into 2022, was really just a fraud season all along.

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