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Colin Cowherd: Kevin Durant Has to Demand For Nets Ownership to Dump Kyrie

Colin Cowherd: “A couple of years ago Kyrie informed us that the Nets wouldn’t need a coach and it would be coaching ‘by committee.’ This is what Kyrie believed and he probably still believes it. Now, after last night’s loss he also believes he could co-coach, and co-general manager…Oh, boy. ‘Us, we’, no, no, no… Kyrie is that type of person who loves to tell you he has all the answers. Remember, he said the world is flat? He also said how the vaccination would affect all of us… This type of guy is all over the internet. He’s almost always anonymous, and he’s almost always a loser. KD has to go to the owner and the front office and say ‘get Kyrie out of here.’ Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Steve Kerr are laughing their butts off. They’re saying ‘we told you not to leave, we told you it was a good thing here.’ Draymond confronted him, do you remember the video? ‘We won before you were here, we’ll win when you’re gone.’ They’re right and KD is wrong. Careers in the NBA often end sadly. Michael Jordan with the Wizards, Shaq fell apart physically, even Lebron now it’s kind of a mess. But Kevin Durant still averages 30 a game and shoots over 50%. It doesn’t need to end this way. He wanted to leave the Warriors because he wanted to prove ‘I can do it my way’, and instead he’s proven the opposite. Because of his personality, he does need structure, he needs a coach, he needs a reliable teammate. KD is kind of a wanderer emotionally and he needs structure. He needs somebody to reign him in, give him structure, hard-coach him, and he needs teammates that are reliable because deep down Kevin Durant is very reliable. He loves basketball and he loves to wander, but he loves to win, he plays real defense, he’s accountable, and he loves to win. Now you got two guys in Ben Simmons and Kyrie who just aren’t, and Durant’s career is ending sadly. But unlike MJ he’s not washed up, and unlike Shaq, he’s not falling apart. He wouldn’t confront Draymond Green and it blew up in his face, and he’s not going to confront Kyrie, it’s not who he is. You gotta go upstairs. You gotta ask the owner, you gotta ask the boss, ‘GET HIM OUT OF HERE.’ They’re already laughing at you at Golden State and everybody else is going to be too. Do what you’re uncomfortable doing or this could be a sad, sad ending.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Kevin Durant needs to literally go to Nets ownership and demand they rid themselves of Kyrie Irving, as Colin believes Durant’s career is setting up for a ‘sad ending’ if KD doesn’t distance himself from one of the most volatile players in league history.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Durant will forever regret leaving the Golden State Warriors dynasty for the historically calamitous Brooklyn ‘Big 3’.

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