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Colin Cowherd Says He Would Rather Have Anthony Edwards than Ja Morant

Colin Cowherd: “Which player would you take? I think most people would take Ja Morant. Let’s just say this, they’re both going to be Hall of Famers if they stay healthy. They’re both great kids, they’re both totally into basketball, totally into winning, they’re fun, they’re exciting, their games are made for highlights, and they’re going to be half a billion-dollar players. I love both of them but here’s why I would choose Ant… Muscular, strong, athletic, his comp is Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade’s prime was 10-11 years, and he was a 13-time All-Star. Ant has some advantages over Dwyane Wade, he’s a better shooter. Translation? Won’t drive to the rim as much and have collisions with bigger bodies. Secondly, he came into the NBA one year earlier. Third, nutrition and training standards are much higher today than 15-20 years ago when Wade walked into the league. Ant is a big and strong player who’s not going to get hurt much, and his comp Dwayne Wade had a 10-11-year prime and 13 All-Stars. Ja Morant is an inch shorter and 50 pounds lighter. His comp is D-Rose and John Wall…combined they made 8 All-Star teams, and both injured early. I think Ja is much better than Westbrook, much better than Wall, but I don’t think he was miles different than Derrick Rose, although I think Ja is a better passer. These could be the next two great young stars in our league but if you had to choose either, with Ja I see a little bit of OBJ. When he’s spectacular it’s the talk of the internet. With Anthony Edwards, I see more Mike Evans. It won’t be the talk as often, and he won’t control the ball as much and will play off-ball, but that is a 16-year NBA career and 14 All-Star Games when I watch him. Body, durability, style – his comp is D-Wade. Ja and Ant are remarkable players but if I had to choose one today based on history and precedent I would probably choose Ant.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he would rather have Anthony Edwards over Ja Morant for the next decade, as both superstars are being showcased as arguably the two best young players in the NBA during their first-round series between the Grizzlies and Timberwolves.

Despite Morant being farther into his development as a third-year player already garnering MVP consideration for a 56-win Grizzlies team this year, Colin details why he thinks the second-year Edwards will make the better player in the long run.

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