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Colin Cowherd on 'Toxic' Russell Westbrook: "I Wish He Would Retire"

Colin Cowherd: “If Russell Westbrook retired today, and I kind of wish he would, my show is going to be okay for another 10-15 years. I’ve never ‘needed’ an athlete. I’m over Russell Westbrook and think he’s kind of sad now. I think this is the way it ends for people who lack self-awareness. In his exit interview, he blamed somebody else even though he played the most minutes of any Laker. He had the most opportunities to prove what he was. He played the most games and the most minutes, but of course, he wasn’t ‘given a chance' to show what he was. The ‘most’ minutes and the ‘most’ games, as if the Lakers were rooting against him. It’s always somebody else’s fault. In basketball there are players who ‘get it’ immediately, LeBron James. there are players who ‘get it’ eventually, Carmelo Anthony. And players who never ‘get it’, Russell Westbrook. KD and LeBron have worked with lots of stars, got along with all of them except Westbrook. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Westbrook, unlike great point guards, never made anybody better. He can’t shoot, he’s got brutal hands, and most of all – he lacks self-awareness. I’ve said this before about Cam Newton – when your game has no ‘clever’, no nuance, and no crafty, and it’s simply built on a firehose of athletic ability, you age quickly and you age poorly, and he has. I feel bad for Westbrook now. That ‘brick’ part of 'West-brick' is because you’re the worst shooting guard in the league, you’ve had your worst year ever, you’re lacking any self-awareness, and your game has never been clever or nuanced therefore you’ve aged quickly. I really do wish this was the last time I talked about Westbrick, Westbrook, whatever you want to call him. I feel bad for him. I feel bad for people who don’t use mirrors. I don’t want to poke him, I don’t want to make fun of him, I feel bad for him. I like for people who are stubborn to finally have the light come on for them. It never has for Russ. If I was the Lakers I would move him as soon as I can. There are a lot of average players in the league, they’re just not toxic. With Russ, that’s simply what he’s been reduced to, TOXIC.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Russell Westbrook's recent remarks saying he 'wasn't given a fair chance' with the Lakers, as Colin explains why he feels bad for Westbrook's downfall, adding that it was awfully predictable for a guy with almost zero self-awareness.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks the toxic 'Westbrick' should just retire.

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