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Colin Cowherd Calls the Lakers a 'Tarnished, Dying Brand'

Colin Cowherd: “This team was not about Frank Vogel, they used 41 different lineups. He didn’t want Russell Westbrook and they got Russell Westbrook. There was a story out in the LA Times saying Westbrook was ‘disrespectful’, ‘disingenuous’, and a ‘disaster’ for the Lakers. Don’t forget, pre-Vogel, if you take the last game Kobe ever played as a Laker, in the previous five years to that they had the worst winning percentage in the league. This has been a mess for a long time. In the last 11 years, if you take out the pandemic season in the bubble – which was a weird break for one team, the Lakers, because old LeBron and brittle Anthony Davis got a four-month break in the middle of the season – if you take out the bubble season, the Lakers have won in 11 years 41% of their games and have had 6 head coaches. This is not a Vogel issue, this is a systematic, front office, ownership, mess. They increasingly bring in old players with big names to make it relevant. Who is that? That was the Raiders in the last 11 years with Al Davis. In the last 11 years of Al Davis they won 41% of their games. In the front office they had too many friends of Al Davis. They had a lot of bad draft picks. They were bringing in people like Randy Moss to remain relevant like the Lakers are bringing in Dwight Howard, Carmelo, or Russell Westbrook to make them relevant and make them sound big on paper, and then they’re terrible on the floor. This is what it’s become, diehard fan bases and great fans clinging to tarnished, dying brands. Don’t let that pandemic season get in the way – 11 years, 6 head coaches, you’re winning about 40% of your games, and like Al Davis’ Raiders at the end, you’re bringing in big names so you can sell tickets. It looks great on paper but then you hand it to a coach and there’s nothing he can do with it. This is not a quick turnaround. As the NBA is exploding into a global game the Lakers feel like an outdated local general store. Sad, but that’s exactly what the Lakers have become. Forget hiring the next coach, they couldn’t even fire Frank Vogel with dignity.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Lakers’ historically bad season had nothing to do with head coach Frank Vogel’s shortcomings, as Colin details why he thinks the last decade-plus for the Lakers has reminded him of the last decade of Al Davis’ Raiders teams.

Check out the video above as Colin compares the infamous downfalls of both franchises.

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