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Why Manu Ginobili's HOF Induction Hurts the Reputation of the Hall of Fame

Ben Maller: “Did the Hall of Fame make a mistake honoring Manu Ginobili? I am nodding my head yes. I have nothing personally against Manu Ginobili, I hear he was a nice guy, he was a ‘good’ player, he’s just not a Hall of Famer. His induction confirms that my theory on the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame is pretty spot on. That little dusty museum in Springfield, Mass. has extremely low standards for admission. I think I might be in the Hall of Fame! Ginobili getting an invite is another blemish and another mark against the Basketball Hall of Fame. It cheapens the honor to everyone who legitimately should be in the Hall of Fame. His resume doesn’t talk, it screams ‘NOT HALL OF FAME WORTHY.’ Let’s just be honest here, Manu was a generic brand ballplayer in the NBA. It’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. Take the emotion out of it. Championships don’t matter, those are team awards. Individuals don’t win championships, TEAMS win championships. There have to be SOME standards to be in the Hall of Fame. How many MVPs did Manu Ginobili have? The same number that you and I have. How many top 5 MVP finishes did Ginobili have for his career? NONE, not one. So I’m sure he made an All-NBA First Team, right?? NO. How about Second Team? I’m sure he did, he’s a Hall of Famer! NO. At some point you have to be a first or second-teamer to be in the Hall of Fame. So maybe he was a defensive guy like Dennis Rodman and dominated defensively! Did he win a Defensive Player of the Year?? No. What about defensive First Team somewhere along the way?? No. How about the second team? Nope. Wrong again! He was a backup for almost 70% of his games, 67%. So he must have won like 6 or 7 Sixth Man of the Year Awards, at least 4 or 5?? Uh, no, he won ONE. He was an All-Star twice, TWICE, just two times. The comparisons are to guys like Terry Porter and Jeff Hornacek. Even with a low admission standard to the Hall of Fame, those two guys are not Hall of Famers. He was a ‘glue’ guy for the Spurs but NOT a Hall of Fame player. He did not rise to the level of elite Hall of Fame status with any reasonable standards. The Naismith Hall of Fame is the joke of all the Hall of Fames. They are so lenient, they are the laughing stock of the Hall of Fame community. They are a participation trophy version of the four major Hall of Fames. Have you ever heard of an NBA player being snubbed from the Hall of Fame?? Induction into the Hall of Fame should be rare and appropriate. It should be exclusive otherwise it cheapens the value of those who actually get in.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio uncork on the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame for inducting four-time NBA Champion Manu Ginobili over the weekend, as Maller says it ‘cheapens’ the value of enshrinement when only a two-time All-Star with zero First or Second Team All-NBA honors is considered one of the best players of all time.

Check out the video above as Maller goes in on the HOF, calling Ginobili a ‘generic basketball brand player', and saying Ginobili's inclusion is a 'blemish' to the reputation of the HOF.

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