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Rob Parker: Chiefs Were Dishonest to Patrick Mahomes Regarding Tyreek Hill

Rob Parker on the Tyreek Hill signing: “The first thing I thought of was not their ‘dynasty’ being derailed, but PATRICK MAHOMES GOT DUPED. THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS DUPED PATRICK MAHOMES. HE WAS SOLD A BILL OF GOODS. YOU TAKE LESS MONEY, YOU HELP THE ORGANIZATION OUT AND WE WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP YOUR WEAPONS. ‘Yes, I’ll do whatever it is! I wanna win!’ That’s what Patrick wanted, so he took a team-friendly deal instead of getting all the money he rightfully deserved. He had the most leverage of any player in NFL history. The Kansas City Chiefs were over a barrel, NOT Patrick Mahomes, and what did he do? He tried to help the organization, he tried to help the front office, he tried to help the GM, and guess what? He got kicked in the butt. You can’t help them, you don’t know whether or not they’re going to keep people in the fray. That’s why you get your money, let THEM figure out what they’re trying to do. What they coaxed him into, what they DUPED him into was ‘WE WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP EVERYBODY, THE TEAM IS ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER!’, and then his biggest weapon walked out the door. That’s why you don’t do this, and you get your loot, and I know Patrick Mahomes is rubbing his head today, saying to himself ‘I GOT DUPED!’” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the Chiefs ‘duped’ Patrick Mahomes into signing a ‘team-friendly’ deal that would allow Kansas City to better retain some of their top players, only to see the team’s best offensive weapon, Tyreek Hill, traded to the Miami Dolphins.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why players should never take less money to help out the front office, saying that you never know what their real motive is going to be when it comes to re-signing players.

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