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Doug Gottlieb: Deshaun Watson's New Contract is 'Embarrassing' to the NFL

Doug Gottlieb: “I get this guy on Twitter saying ‘somebody tell Doug there were 8-10 Black guys that could have played quarterback when Warren Moon…’ WARREN MOON WAS 40 YEARS AGO. IT’S NOT THE 1980’S, IT’S 2022. I understand that all of you want racism to go away, I do too, but you know what else I want to go away? People who think that everything is racist. Look, dude, the guy has 22 civil suits against him and he just got the biggest guaranteed contract in the history of the sport. Why? Because he can play football. Do you know why he was drafted where he was, or why people hire GMs or coaches? Because they want to win football games, THAT’S IT. It’s ONLY about ‘can you play football?’ ‘Can you lead a team of men?’ Jameis Winston has never been charged with a crime yet he carries a cloud of negativity because of the accusations in college. He was still the number one overall pick and he’s started all but one year in the NFL. If you think race has something to do with it, you’re just chasing ghosts of 40-50 years ago’s past. You’re doing this thing where you’re embarrassing yourself. Cleveland is treating Deshaun Watson like he’s the savior to their franchise, and he may well be, but I don’t know how you explain away all the different massage therapists… I don’t blame Deshaun Watson’s team for asking about this ridiculous contract, but I tell you that what Andrew Berry has done is embarrassing to the league. What Jimmy Haslam and Andrew Berry have done is embarrassing to the NFL. What you’ve tried to do is manipulate the system so that none of their penalties financially can hurt your relationship with Deshaun Watson, and that’s not the spirit of it and you know it. What they have done is bad for the league. This is BAD BUSINESS, I don’t care what anyone says.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Browns owner Jimmy Haslam as well as Cleveland GM Andrew Berry for the $230 million guaranteed contract they awarded Deshaun Watson in the face of 22 sexual misconduct allegations, which included clever ways of ensuring that Watson would lose the least amount of money possible if and when the NFL suspends him for conduct detrimental to the league.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details how this deliberate contract manipulation is ‘bad business’ and ‘embarrassing’ to the NFL.

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