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Colin Cowherd Predicts the NFL Standings For the Upcoming 2022 Season

Listen to Colin Cowherd drop his ‘Way-Too-Early’ NFL predictions for the upcoming season, with the most exhilarating NFL offseason in history having reached its climax.

Whether it was Tom Brady shockingly ending his retirement after just 40 days, Russell Wilson being traded to Denver and the stacked AFC West, Davante Adams bolting Aaron Rodgers for Derek Carr, Tyreek Hill taking his talents to South Beach, or Deshaun Watson being the lynchpin of one of the biggest trades in league history to join the Browns, this NFL offseason will likely never be topped.

Here were some of Colin’s most notable predictions:

“Miami has far better playmakers than New England. Jaylen Waddle, Cedrick Wilson, Tyreek Hill, Mike Gesicki… they’ve got better players. I don’t understand what New England is doing, I just don’t get it. They’re not even paying Mac Jones so who are you paying? They’re third in the AFC East and a non-playoff team for me.”
“In the AFC West people are spending a lot of time paying attention to Russell Wilson and you should, but DJ Jones and Randy Gregory added to Bradley Chubb is an unbelievable front when they’re healthy. That is really, really stout. I have Denver winning the division. Even WITH Tyreek Hill I picked Denver to win it. Kansas City is still viable and it will come down to the end of the year with the Chiefs and Chargers, and whoever wins at the end will get second and whoever loses gets third.”
“Even before Davante Adams left I said Minnesota is going to win this division. I think the Vikings with an offensive coach are going to ‘pop’. I love their weapons, both receivers, tight end, and back; they added Za’Darious Smith the edge rusher. Minnesota is always a team who plays the Packers well, and Kirk Cousins has a winning record at Lambeau. Green Bay has no weapons and it’s hard to win a division like that.”

Check out the FULL video above for all of Colin’s predictions.

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