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Ric Bucher: Don't Expect Ben Simmons to Play This Season

Ric Bucher: “It doesn’t matter, you can get Kyrie back tomorrow and he can play the rest of the games, if you don’t have Ben Simmons healthy and conditioned, and ready to play the Brooklyn Nets don’t have enough to win a championship.”

Doug Gottlieb: “So what’s the real story there?”

Bucher: “The real story is – the reason that Steve Nash and the Nets are circumspect and don’t really like having to answer questions about the status of Ben Simmons is because Ben Simmons isn’t working out and working with, from what I’ve been told, with the Nets doctors or rehabbing in their facility. So they genuinely don’t know where he is. They get information. ‘He had an epidural.’ ‘Okay, great, what does that mean?’ ‘We will keep you informed.’ So that’s why they’re in an uncomfortable place. The guy hasn’t played all year, he’s getting an epidural, he can’t practice, he can’t train, he can’t even work on his shot on the court in the little bit we saw him with Kyle Korver the other day, he can’t do any of that. At this point, I would just say do not expect Ben Simmons to play this season any more than you would expect Zion Williamson to play this season.”

Gottlieb: “Wow, and the Pelicans just announced that Zion Williamson won’t play the rest of the year. The Nets traded for a lemon.” (Interview Above)

Listen to NBA insider Ric Bucher join The Doug Gottlieb Show to explain what’s really going on with Ben Simmons on the Nets bench, as Bucher details why no one should expect the former All-Star to be able to play for Brooklyn during the rest of the regular season or playoffs.

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