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Colin Cowherd: Steph Curry Won't Throw Life Preserver to 'Drowning' LeBron

Colin Cowherd: “It used to be that when LeBron flirted with you and said something off the cuff, ‘hey, I’d like to play with that guy or that guy'’ you’d call your agent. Now LeBron doesn’t even flirt, he’s hitting on Steph Curry. That’s not even flirting, it’s ‘I WANT TO BE A TEAMMATE OF STEPH CURRY.’ For years when LeBron even casually said he was interested, or casually flirted you’d call your agent ‘CAN I GET TO LEBRON??’ Everybody thinks Steph Curry is nice, but he’s a killer too. He knows LeBron is trapped. They’ve got no trade pieces, no picks; he’s becoming Michael Jordan – meaningless games scoring a lot of points at the end of his career. Steph Curry is like ‘I can still win titles. I got a great GM, a great roster, we got picks, we got trade assets, we got Jordan Poole, an emerging star.’ He’s got Klay, Draymond, Wiseman around him… LeBron is drowning and Steph is not going to throw him a life preserver. Steph knows that LeBron is trapped and is now MJ [with the Wizards] scoring a bunch of points at the end of his career with a bad roster and totally trapped. ‘Why should I throw him a life preserver?’ Steph has watched KD leave him. KD is every bit as good or better than LeBron, how is that going? Don’t kid yourself, Steph is a tiger, and Steph is looking around at LeBron and Kevin Durant and they are both drowning. LeBron used to be the A-lister in Hollywood, when he called you listened. Now he’s straight-to-rental. He’s had back-to-back bombs in Hollywood and Steph Curry isn’t the least bit interested.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss LeBron James’ recent comments professing that he would like to play with Steph Curry at some point in his career, as Colin says Steph’s ‘I’m good right now' response back to King James is proof that LeBron can’t woo ‘recruits’ to play alongside him like he could during his prime.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Steph would rather let LeBron ‘drown’ than throw him a life preserver in the final productive years of his career.

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