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Doug Gottlieb Says LeBron Quit on the Lakers: "He Destroys Franchises"

Doug Gottlieb: “I don’t like to question guys’ injuries. If a guy says he’s ‘hurt’, he’s hurt. I’m not sitting here and telling you that LeBron James is ‘faking’. I don’t think he’s faking an injury and I don’t think he’s a healthy scratch. But what is happening is reprehensible. We’re acting like LeBron’s ankle is too bad for him to play. The last time he played he scored 38 points on 23 shots. I’m not saying he’s faking, I’m sure his ankle hurts. BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME, HE’S NOT PLAYING?! There are two things at work: 1. he quit on them. They’re not good enough for him, he’s frustrated, and he’s DONE. 2. he’s protecting the scoring title. He’s leading the scoring title by 0.1 points and the more games he plays with Anthony Davis, the more Anthony Davis becomes the focal point. You still have a chance to make the playoffs. It’s a slight chance. LeBron wants to call himself the ‘greatest player of all time’?? The last time he scores 38 and now he doesn’t play these last two games?? What am I missing?? How is that not offensive to anybody else? As a basketball fan, I’m offended by it. I believe LeBron is one of the best ever, but bro, if that’s how you’re wired?? The idea of Willis Reid was ‘I don’t know how healthy I am, I don’t know much I’m going to go, but I’m gonna give it a go. Why? Because it means that much to me.’ You said you were the ‘greatest player of all time’ when you led the comeback against the Warriors, what about now?? Here’s the problem with LeBron James and it’s always been the problem. LeBron wants ALL the credit when they win and NONE of the blame when they lose. There is zero accountability. He doesn’t have to be a miracle worker in his late-30s, maybe he’s unable to get them to the playoffs because of the health of his team, but to sit out the last couple games?? YOU GO DOWN WITH YOUR SHIP. Sitting out is quitting on your team, and I’m not saying his ankle isn’t hurt, but dude, he had 38 the last time he played and it was just two games ago. He may not be able to perform at the level he wants to perform, but the only chance they have at going to the playoffs is winning the rest of their games, and the only chance of them doing that is if LeBron James plays… LeBron comes in, he brings in all his guys, he tries to take over, he gets everybody paid…Financially a total windfall if you’re one of LeBron’s guys and you play well with him, but he destroys your franchise, and he doesn’t really care about your franchise. He didn’t really care about the Cavaliers, didn’t care about the Heat, and doesn’t care about the Lakers. He’s LeBron James. He believes he’s bigger than those franchises. It was definitely true in Cleveland, it was maybe true in Miami, but do you know where it’s NOT true? It’s not true with the Lakers. He’s NOT bigger than the Lakers.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast LeBron James for sitting out the Lakers’ must-win game against the Suns on Tuesday night, as a Lakers loss paired with a Spurs win against the Nuggets will officially eliminate the Lakers from playoff contention with only four games left.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why LeBron is 'quitting' on his team by once again sitting out with an ankle injury that didn’t seem serious enough to derail his dominating 38-point performance the last time he took the court.

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