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Rob Parker: LeBron is Now Considered 'Public Enemy No. 1' to Lakers Fans

Rob Parker: “IS THIS ON?? (taps microphone) HELLO? THIS IS GOING OUT TO LEBRON JAMES AND ALL YOU FAKER FANS, ERRR, I MEAN LAKER FANS. I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU THIS WOULDN’T WORK FROM DAY 1! I TOLD YOU LEBRON JAMES IS THE WORST GENERAL MANAGER IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA! I’M NOT SHOCKED, WHO IS SHOCKED TODAY?? I STUCK MY HEAD OUT AND SAID ON THIS RADIO SHOW THAT NOT ONLY WILL THEY NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS BUT THEY WON’T EVEN BE IN THE TOP 10! I never bought into this. This was chicanery. This was 3-card monte. A sham. A FRAUD. LeBron was passing out 3-dollar bills to Lakers fans when he told them that this would work and that he would deliver a championship with this star-studded roster. Fooey, LeBron! What was this that you brought to LA?? This was embarrassing! No defense, I don’t care, you could be averaging 40 points a game! The Lakers haven’t won two games in a row since Moby Dick was a guppy, or January 7th, whichever one you wanna come up with! You smell that? That’s not the dump in downtown LA, that’s the Lakers That LEBRON put together! Westbrook? Carmelo Anthony? REALLY? We really thought this team was going to come together and make a championship run?? Chris Broussard acted like the Lakers had a ‘puncher’s chance’ if AD came back, and even Shaq had the audacity to go on a podcast and say ‘the Suns don’t want to see the Lakers’. Where are you now, big man?? LeBron James, this is squarely on YOU. YOU are to blame. Wear It! Smear your face with it! You deserve it. You did this to this Lakers organization and you are public enemy number one today with Lakers fans.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Rob Parker uncork on LeBron James two days after LeBron watched from the sideline as the freefalling Lakers were mathematically eliminated from even the play-in tournament, as Los Angeles officially put a bow around one of the most disappointing seasons in league history.

Check out the video above as Parker details why the blame should be put entirely on LeBron’s shoulders for hand-picking this dreadful bunch that is now 17 games under. 500, and why Lakers fans should now look at LBJ as ‘public enemy number one’ in the city of angels.

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