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Doug Gottlieb Says Brian Flores' Racism Lawsuits vs. NFL Have 'Zero Merit'

Doug Gottlieb: “This story is interesting but I don’t think it’s the slam dunk that it’s being purported to be because stories need CONTEXT. Two more coaches have joined Brian Flores’ lawsuit against NFL teams. Steve Wilks, who was Arizona’s coach for one season in 2018, and Ray Horton, an NFL assistant since 1994 who interviewed for the Tennessee Titans head coaching job in 2016. The Broncos, the Giants, the Dolphins, the Texans, and now the Titans are under fire. Brian Flores’ attorneys in the amended complaint allege the Texans retaliated against Flores by removing him from consideration for their head coaching vacancy due to his decision to file this action and speak publicly about the systematic discrimination in the NFL. I TOLD YOU, he’s TOXIC. They DID hire Lovie Smith, a Black head coach, and their previous coach was a Black head coach. Brian Flores is unhirable. Steve Wilks only had the job for a year, he wasn’t a guy who was on many other lists, he got the head coaching job in Arizona, and they were an abject disaster. He said he was a ‘bridge coach, not given any meaningful chance to succeed.’ They were 3-13, he was replaced by Kliff Kingbury. The lawyers for the suit say ‘while Mr. Wilks has been given the same opportunity afforded to Mr. Kingsbury, surely he would have succeeded as well.' This just lacks any sort of substance… I’m just going to tell you the reality of it. All these suits have ZERO merit. Do I think there are interviews that are ‘joke’ interviews? Yes, I’m going to use this as an example. This past summer I interviewed over Zoom and I auditioned for in person a chance to do color commentary for an NBA team. Everybody including my agent said ‘look, it’s a real long shot and you’re probably not going to get it, do you still wanna do it?’, and I said ‘YES’ because I want to go through the process. Twenty years ago when I first started doing games I did an audition and I haven’t done an audition ever since. I want to know what that’s like… It got to the point of frustration where I didn’t hear back and I don’t know if I was on the backburner, or whatever happened, I have no ill will towards them. I don’t know if I had a ‘sham’ interview or ever had a shot, but everybody was really nice, I liked going in, I learned a lot, I met some people, and that’s it. So yeah, this does happen. The person who I was told was getting this job before I even interviewed was the person who got the job. And oh by the way, he’s done a good job. This is the reality of all business, and if Steve Wilks was like ‘I was never given a shot’ then you shouldn’t have taken the job. But we all take jobs where we convince ourselves we can win anyway. Remember when Jim Tomsula got the job in San Francisco for one year and everyone was like ‘that’s a joke, that’s just a placeholder job'? Mike Mularkey got the job in Jacksonville in 2012 for one year. Jim Mora had the job in Seattle for one year before Pete Carroll. Cam Cameron had the job in Miami and left after they won one game. Bobby Petrino left midway through his first job. Marty Schottenheimer with the Redskins, one year, Al Groh gone with the Jets after one year. Pete Carroll only lasted one year with the Jets. I don’t know how good Steve Wilks was. It was a surprise when he was hired, surprise when he was fired, the reason why they hired Kingsbury was his relationship with Kyler and the belief that Kyler in his system could succeed more quickly, and it’s worked. All of these things are not sinister and it’s how business works… The addition of the Flores Texans thing is laughable. If Steve Wilks was such a good coach that got such a bad rap, is there any push to have Steve Wilks as a head coach again? Is there any push to have Jim Tomsula or Al Groh to be a head coach in the NFL again? I don’t know what to tell you bud, they hired a head coach who fit better with the quarterback, that has a relationship, it’s seemed to work, and has kept all of them gainfully employed.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why the most recent developments in the Brian Flores lawsuit alleging racist hiring practices in the NFL, which includes the addition of Steve Wilks and Ray Horton, ‘lacks any merit.’

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb calls some of the complaints ‘laughable’, and details why he doesn’t see why Wilks thinks his case has anything to do with race.

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