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Colin Cowherd Rips Kevin Durant For Leaving the Warriors For Kyrie Irving

Colin Cowherd: “I always root for star players. I told you this with Russell Wilson, I felt bad for Russell Wilson. I wanted Russell Wilson to be in a better environment with an offensive coach and better weapons. I wanna see Brady with better weapons, Matt Stafford with a better franchise. I like seeing stars be GREAT. Kevin Durant trails the Celtics 3-0 and they’re DONE. One of the things that Kevin Durant said was ‘I’m thinking too much’… No, no, no, timeout. You didn’t think ENOUGH. Kevin, you’re not down 3-0 because you’re 'thinking too much'. You’re down 3-0 because you didn’t give it enough thought. You left Steve Kerr for Steve Nash. Steve Nash had never been an assistant coach. Steve Kerr was a great championship-winning coach and was a great broadcaster and a very good GM. It was a TERRIBLE decision. You left Steph Curry, maybe the most selfless superstar in any sport ever -- dude is coming off the bench now against Denver to give Jordan Poole more minutes -- for Kyrie Irving… You’re not ‘thinking too much’, you didn’t think enough. At one point you and Kyrie were on a podcast and said you ‘didn’t need coaches’. In the history of sports there has never been a dynasty without a great coach. You and Kyrie? ‘Ehhh, we’ll coach!’ C’mon man. What would we do if Patrick Mahomes one day decided ‘I’m going to leave Andy Reid, Brett Veach, that roster, those fans, and go to the Jets because ‘ya know, I’ve got a buddy! A slot receiver!’ His agent would go ‘NO, I’m not going to represent you and I’m not going to sign off on that move!’ NFL media would crush him and fans would roll their eyes at him. In the NBA, Kevin Durant leaves the Warriors for Brooklyn and I think I was the only national person that was like ‘what are you doing?? THIS IS A TERRIBLE MOVE. It’s an AWFUL move, what are you doing, man??’ You’re picking the wrong guy to go to Vegas with and you’re going to end up broke. The more power you give to NBA superstars – notice a trend? Their team gets worse. For all athletes in sports, cool it on thinking that you know personnel. Kevin Durant is a remarkable player but he is now trapped. NBA media and NBA agents, do your clients a favor and occasionally hold them accountable. This is not about ‘thinking too much’. This is about coddling, not holding people accountable, and KD is now absolutely trapped.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks it’s becoming painfully obvious that Kevin Durant made a dreadful decision leaving the Golden State Warriors dynasty for a sinking ship in Brooklyn that is now on the brink of a humiliating first-round sweep.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the idea of leaving Steph Curry and Steve Kerr for Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash is laughably absurd.

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