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Rob Parker Blasts Jerry West For His Anger Towards HBO Show 'Winning Time'

Chris Broussard: “Jerry West is suing the HBO show ‘Winning Time’, not so much for money, but he wants a public apology because he believes they defamed him. Outside of Red Auerbach, he is probably viewed as the best executive in the history of the league, and one of the best in professional sports history in America. It’s not a favorable portrayal. They portray him as a goofball and a clown, and a guy who has lucked into his good fortune. I have talked to several people in the league – executives, scouts, things like that – who aren’t watching it because of the way they portrayed Jerry West, and they really feel like it makes him look bad, it’s far from the truth, and they don’t like it. They’re a lot of people in the league who aren’t watching it because of that."

Rob Parker: “Oh well, tough luck Jerry West who sounds like the old man punching at the cloud. I’m sorry if people don’t know the difference between fiction…and they put a disclaimer at the start, this is not a documentary. That’s why Jerry West didn’t ask for money because it would be a waste of time and he wouldn’t win. It’s clearly marked. If people watching don’t know the difference between something that is loosely based on public figures and then make their characters goofy to the left or to the right to make it entertaining for people, I don’t know, this is so obvious. Jerry West, which part don’t you know? This happens all the time, it’s the license that people have in Hollywood to be creative. It's not a documentary, this is not the ‘Last Dance.’ If you make stuff up in that people would have recourse to be able to come after you. They’re telling you it’s loosely based, it’s fiction, it’s not all true, and if you as a viewer or Jerry West doesn’t understand that then that’s on YOU. They’ve done what they needed to do legally, it just sounds ridiculous to me.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard get into a heated argument over Jerry West’s fury against HBO for their distasteful portrayal of the NBA legend on their hit-show ‘Winning Time’, as West’s flamboyantly raw and daffy character couldn’t be further from who West was in real life.

West penned a letter to HBO demanding a retraction as well as an apology, with his legal representation labeling West’s fictional character as an ‘out-of-control, intoxicated rage-aholic. The Jerry West in Winning Time bears no resemblance to the real man. The real Jerry West prided himself on treating people with dignity and respect. Winning Time is a baseless and malicious assault on Jerry West’s character. You reduced the legacy of an 83-year-old legend and role model to that of a vulgar and unprofessional bully — the polar opposite of the real man.’

Check out the video above as Parker and Broussard go at it, with both offering vastly different opinions.

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